Finding the right OVUII lawyer in Honolulu

OVUII (Operating A Vehicle Under the Influence of An Intoxicant) charges can lead to devastating consequences. Even for a first-offense DUI in Honolulu, you could face license revocation for one year along with a 14-hour rehabilitation program. In some cases, the driver could face up to five days in jail for the first DUI offense and may have to pay $1,000 in fines. While it may seem that you have no defense left, a skilled OVUII lawyer in Honolulu can help come up with the right strategy. If you are hiring an attorney for the first time, here are the questions you need to ask. 

Check online

Most of the top law criminal defense firms in Honolulu have a website these days, and you can check for OVUII lawyers without much fuss. If you know people who have faced such charges in the past, you can ask for references. Websites like Justia, Nolo, and Google search can also help you find top lawyers in your area wapmallu

Ask the right questions

As a client, you need to be sure that the attorney is capable of handling your OVUII case. Ask questions like – 

  1. How many OVUII cases do you take up each month? Because some lawyers are always busy handling too many cases at once, they may not have the time that your case demands. Also, ask the attorney if they intend to pass the case to another attorney, which is quite common in the field of criminal defense. 
  2. How can I communicate with you? Attorneys are busy people, and they may not have the time to listen and take all clients’ calls all the time. However, they need to be responsive. loudtronix Ask the attorney if they have an assistant or associate who can communicate on their behalf. You should be able to email or seek updates as and when required. 
  3. Do you guarantee a “win”? Beware of attorneys who promise to get you a favorable outcome. There are things that an attorney cannot manage or are beyond their condition. What you should look for is their success rate and if they have experience winning cases that have similar issues as yours. 

OVUII lawyers usually charge by the hour, and you can expect them to offer a fair estimate in advance. Get an attorney as soon as you can because you have to take action in your defense before things end up getting messy 9xflixcom

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