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Fashion cannot be defined. It is different for each person and everyone has their own personal style. Some people are just born fashionistas, while others require some styling tips and guidance. Thanks to Indian fashion influencers, who help people understand fashion better and improve their style quotient. Bloggers as they make a lot of short video content on different social media platforms have a deep understanding of body types, color aesthetics. Cultures, trends, styles and can easily blend these requirements into their ensembles. One of India’s most famous influencers Kritika Khurana is on multiple short video forums creating informative, stylish and fashionable content. Kritika Khurana’s videos are the most trending and viral videos.

Only fashion bloggers have the talent of showing moving fashion with their culture in the present day. Fashion and style in this modern era influence lifestyles. In such cases, the need for fashion bloggers has become important and essential. Fashion bloggers are people who create and produce content on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Hipi and more. Millions of viewers watch them talk about fashion, style trends, how to pair clothes, get ready with me (GRWM) videos, how to buy and style budget outfits, body positivity and more. The top fashion bloggers in the country have the best knowledge of the industry and trends. They are also at the front of the latest events and happenings in the glamor and fashion world.

Fashion just like any other art is an art that comes from creativity. Fashion influencers have mastered this art. With a huge following, influencers attract viewers with a strong intent on indulging in the fashion and products they use. Fashion influencers post regularly on their social media handles to keep their community growing and engaging.

Fashion influencers work closely with brands as they can influence customers’ buying patterns. Influencers have the power to persuade the opinions, followers and purchasing behavior of consumers. Many influencers through social media platforms have built their own brands and launched them. As followers, consumers seek their recommendations and advice from influencers to look their best and also indulge in buying the products recommended by them. Influencers also help consumers to break all stereotypes related to body type and certain types of clothing for certain body types. Audiences are exposed to fast-moving fashion brands, affordable fashion, body positivity and mental health which boosts them to take up their choice of fashion.

The Indian fashion industry is humongously growing. It is worth 18.5 billion with yearly growth of 16.32% resulting in a forecasted market growth of US$39.42 Bn by 2027. Today influencers are making it easy for common people to learn and understand fashion easily, be in the fashion industry and make their own sense of styling in this contemporary marketing era. Fashion creators promote style and fashion, but also understand the trends in the market, culture, color theory and body type. They also promote small businesses and made-in-India brands with other big brands.

If you need any fashion inspiration, then there are plenty of famous influencers who are doing amazingly well for themselves. They will help and influence you to look beyond regular, mundane fashion and help if you need a wardrobe transformation.

Today the leading and most influential fashion blogger in the country is Kritika Khurana who hails from Delhi. She is all about fashion and beauty. Kritika’s OOTD is to die for and one can draw inspiration from how to style the look. Kritika has 1.7 million loyal followers on Instagram, where she engages with her audience at almost 6%, which proves she is a star in the making. Her IG handle is known as @thatbohogirl, which suggests by the name her love of bohemian style. She randomly styles casual clothing and makes it look so chic and super stylish with heavy accessories. She pulls off all western, traditional and ethnic outfits with such panache and grace. One of her posts named “Ready for a cocktail” was the highest viewed at over 500k, engaging viewers at almost 50%.

Kritika does a lot of haul videos, wherein she talks about the products she purchased and why she likes using them. If you are planning to buy an outfit for a special occasion stop by her profile scroll and you will be all set with fashion inspo and where to get it from. Kritika Khurana’s videos and styling tips help you prepare your curated clothes for different occasions – a casual brunch, a wedding, a party, or just a normal outing.

Kritika Khurana loves to experiment with different silhouettes. She also created the website “ThatBohoGirl” where she posts content related to fashion. A few years ago, she started her clothing brand “The Hype” which is a successful venture. The gorgeous entrepreneur has an engagement rate of 3.38%. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 58.24k likes and 112 comments! Because of her high-quality content and good fashion recommendations, she has a huge fan base that adores her to the core.

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