Debunking 10 Myths About Real Money Online Casinos

The internet has transformed our way of life. Many sectors, including the gambling industry, have seen significant growth as more people use the internet. Before, customers had to travel to casinos to gamble. With the introduction of the internet, people don’t have to leave their homes to enjoy casino games.

However, the more popular these online casinos get, the more myths emerge. According to, many beliefs about gambling sites are not true. Keep on reading, and we will debunk these myths.

Gambling Sites Cheat

This is a common misconception concerning gambling sites. Not surprisingly, many people assume internet casinos steal their money. On the other hand, gambling sites only have a “house edge” as their only way to profit. Besides blackjack, which requires skills, most games are based on chance and luck. Furthermore, all online casinos are regulated by independent organizations, and their gaming licenses may be revoked if unethical business activities are discovered.

It Doesn’t Fully Pay

Another misconception about online betting services is that they do not properly compensate winners. In truth, casinos are not interested in keeping any of your winnings. Moreover, it will be their loss if they do so. Certain bettors break the rules or fail to meet the wagering requirements, making gambling sites withhold winnings.

Online Casinos are Illegal

In all honesty, this post would be pointless if gambling sites were illegal. However, in recent years, these platforms have exploded in popularity. While some gambling sites are restricted in some nations, no legislation prohibits them anywhere.

Counting Cards Works in Online Blackjack

In blackjack, counting cards might assist you in predicting which cards will be dealt next. This approach may appear straightforward, but it only works at land-based casinos. Playing blackjack online is a different story.

Card counting has become incredibly difficult in both casinos, keeping the card counters from making big profits. The other cards are shuffled when an online blackjack dealer pulls out the cut card from the deck. With this in mind, counting cards will not work.

The Martingale Strategy Works with Online Roulette.

The “Martingale” strategy is generally used in roulette. If you’re losing, this strategy suggests doubling your bets. Most gamblers believe this is a failsafe way to recoup their losses.

However, you must remember that roulette is a game of luck—strategies and techniques won’t work in games like this. Thus, you must play normally and stay away from any strategy.

High RTP Games Pay More

Legitimate gambling sites will show their return to player percentage (RTP). Some people play games based on the current RTP to control their luck. Some players prefer games with a positive RTP, while others prefer games with a cold RTP to win big. However, gambling is a game of luck, and the RTP doesn’t matter.

Streamer Accounts are Manipulated

This is a myth, and you shouldn’t believe it. Online casino streamers get the same rewards as regular players. They win more because they play more games. With this in mind, most people think that the streamers’ accounts are boosted or manipulated.

Blackjack Is Not a Strategy Game

This belief is both right and wrong. Although blackjack is a game of luck, knowing some strategy can help you lower the casino’s house edge.

Without strategies, the house edge is typically 2 percent. The casino’s advantage is reduced by about 0.5 percent when you use this method. Using a strategy will let you play with the highest risk-reward ratio.

Online Slots RTPs are Linear

The RTPs of slot machines vary between 94 and 98 percent. A slot machine with a 98 percent RTP means the same percentage of the money wagered on the device will be returned to the player as a prize. But there’s a catch: you have to play longer to get your money back. Also, keep in mind that slot machines’ RTP fluctuates.

Slot Machines Will Only Pay You Once

Players think that the slot machine will not pay again once they have activated the bonus features after getting three scatters. However, this is nothing but a myth.

As mentioned, online slots are a game of chances. You may get some bonus after 20 spins or none, even after 200. With all this in mind, you should focus on having fun rather than winning.

Gambling Sites Allow Minors to Play

Since smartphones and internet connectivity have been more widely available in recent years, there is concern that children will be exposed to gambling. 

It’s a myth that should be debunked in the strongest terms possible because a test is required before your registration can be considered successful. 

There is a section where you can specify your age and verify it using identity documents such as National IDs and passports. 

You must also submit bank information, which kids cannot access.

Final Thoughts

Myths are words from those looking for something to blame after losing big money from gambling. Believing in them will keep you from focusing on your game. Moreover, you won’t enjoy gambling if you are too careful and still win less. Therefore, you must play normally and concentrate on your game to win. 

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