CS:GO new cases: Operation Broken Fang

The tenth operation, in addition to an exciting teaser, was remembered for the introduction of two new game modes: Premier and Retake, as well as three collections of skins and one CS:GO new case Broken Fang.

The contents of the CS:GO new case interested many members of the community, which is absolutely not surprising. Since it contains many very successful CS:GO skins. This guide will show you how to get the new Operation Broken Fang weapon case. Moreover, we have prepared a unique selection of the best skins from Operation Broken Fang Case.

How to get a new CS:GO Broken Fang Case

There are two ways to get a CS:GO Broken Fang case:

  • Buy from a trusted marketplace, including the Steam Community Market
  • Exchange it for two operation stars in the operations menu

The price of the new case has not yet settled down. Broken Fang has halved in price over the past four days. How the price tag will look in the coming weeks is difficult to predict. Therefore, we do not recommend investing in a new case until its price stabilizes. In addition to the CS:GO chest itself, you still need to somehow get a special key, which actually opens any case. Thus, the cost of opening a chest increases by the amount of money that you pay for the case.

The best CS:GO skins from the Operation Broken Fang Case

This CS:GO weapon case contains several special skins at once, authored by fairly reputable designers from the community.

M4A1-S | Information flow

The author of this skin, artist JTPNZ, seems to have taken the CS:GO world by storm with his earlier Printstream story on Deagle. This time, Valve decided to release a skin of the same name only for the silenced M4A1 carbine. Any futuristic design looks very cool on this gun, and Printstream turned out to be very minimalistic as well. The combination of black and white shades with mother-of-pearl stripes on various parts of the weapon looks very stylish. The skin will look good with almost every sticker. This rare, Arcane quality skin is currently available for around $200 as Factory New.

Glock-18 | Neonoir

Of course, you have already heard about the coloring “Neonoir”. And if not, we strongly recommend that you fill this gap in your education. Very aesthetic evening skin. The design is very high quality. The image of a dark-haired crying girl on the body of a gun from afar looks like an abstract drawing. We were personally captivated by this skin with an excellent combination of colors. For only $120, you can easily buy it on one of the marketplaces. A version with a kill counter is also available.

M4A4 | Cybersecurity

An interesting skin with a creative name. So if you can succinctly characterize the Cybersecurity skin. As you know, the long-awaited Cyberpunk game has recently been released. So this skin is just in trend. The battle-hardened version is available for almost every gamer. For only $6 you will buy this skin and you can try it online this evening!

USP-S | Monstrous Blend

Attracted by the combination of black and green colors? Is your totem a green monster? Well then, the choice is obvious. USP-S | Monster Mashup is an amazing cartoon project from Nextgenz. The street art aesthetic accents make it unique and a great addition to your collection. You can buy this monster for $25 in Factory New condition. With StatTrak™ technology, you can buy this skin for $85.

Five-SeveN | Story

Oh my god, this is just great! A fabulous skin decorated with a princess and a unicorn, beautiful flowers, and a castle in the distance. Who needs more? This is the perfect design to contrast with the drab routine of everyday life. As Factory Direct, you can buy it today for just $23.

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