Career Scopes In Interior Designing

The remodeling or redesigning of interiors of spaces to develop a fantastic aesthetic caters to interior designing. One must blend art and science to upgrade the indoors into an appealing one. There is an enormous craze for interior design across artistic and creative areas. Interior designing is an ideal choice if you have a creative mind. Now, let us look at the scope of interior designing that will help you become a professional interior designer. 

Skills Required To Become An Interior Designer

Today’s interior designers need to have a diverse range of skills, talents, and abilities. 

  • Creativity- Possessing excellent creativity is the foremost criterion. One should be able to create unique styles and designs to suit the client’s tastes and personalities. 
  • Aestheticism- It is essential to have an extraordinary aesthetic sense. You can acquire this through sufficient exposure from reading magazines and scrolling various websites. In addition, you can also visit specific websites of expert designers to study their designs.
  • Hand drawing- Excellent hand drawing skills are required for designing and sketching. It is one of the fundamental skills needed to develop floor plans, perspective drawings, surface materials, and the like. 
  • Visualization- You must be able to create an atmosphere that resonates with your client’s lifestyle. For this, you need to have the ability to visualize the end result before shaping it into reality. 
  • Computer- In today’s digital world, you must have all the knowledge about different computer software. 

Besides these core skills, you should have remarkable passion and enthusiasm for your profession. Communication skills are crucial for understanding your client’s functional and aesthetical requirements. Since you have to work with various personalities, you should maintain an excellent body posture. Your hardworking nature and multitasking skills will make you go a long way in the interior designing field. The most significant skill you require  is a positive attitude in every situation. 

Areas Of Work For Interior Designers

If you are adequately qualified, you can find work in several areas.

  1. You can be hired to design residential projects like houses, flats, and other domestic accommodations.
  2. Workplace projects like offices and factories are the next categories. 
  3. If you are lucky, you will have a chance to display your creativity on temporary exhibition projects for designing art galleries, museums, and some private and public projects. 
  4. Working on commercial projects is a great option. The list includes the following:
  • Retail stores such as conference centers, shopping malls, warehouses 
  • Leisure venues like gyms, theatres, and cinema halls
  • Healthcare sector with hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, and private clinics
  • The educational sector comprises schools, colleges, universities, and other institutes
  • The hospitality industry has hotels, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs

Job Roles of An Interior Designer

  1. Furniture designer
  2. Product designer
  3. Portfolio designer
  4. User experience designer
  5. Kitchen designer
  6. Lighting designer
  7. Production designer
  8. Corporate designer 

The Salary Of An Interior Designer

The salary largely depends on the kind of engagement. Below lies a rough idea of the same.

  • Freshers can expect 1.8 LPA-3.6 LPA on average.
  • Assistant designers receive approximately Rs 4.8 LPA-7.2 LPA.
  • The salary range of a senior designer is between 9.6 LPA to 12 LPA.

Qualifications Of An Interior Designer

As you might know, much research and planning go into producing a comfortable and appealing environment. A qualified professional designer must be equipped with all necessary qualifications. Here are some of these aspects.

  1. A candidate should obtain 10+2 certification in a stream with at least 50% marks for pursuing a diploma or a graduation-level degree course in interior designing. 
  2. Pursuing and completing an interior design course from a recognized university and certification is essential.

Several institutes launch course related to interior designing. You can resort to them to boost your knowledge in this field. 

Courses in Interior Designing

Do you want to add life with your creative designs? The following courses will enable you to make aesthetic designs while mastering creative skills. 

  • Diploma in interior designing
  • BA (Honours) in interior designing
  • Certificate courses in interior designing
  • Weekend courses in interior designing

Do you know you can sell online courses from your own website? Solid knowledge of interior designing and implementing your creative juices will help you materialize your ambitions to transform a space into a lavish and beautiful environment. 

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