Business litigation in Florida: Choose the right lawyer 

Florida offers incredible business opportunities across different sectors. Running any company comes with inherent challenges, and inadvertently, the management runs into legal hassles that are hard to resolve without expertise and experience. Proficient lawyers like Andrew Mongelluzzi are skilled in matters concerning business litigation. In this post, we are discussing some key pointers related to hiring a commercial litigation attorney. 

Reasons to lawyer up

The scope of business litigation is huge, and there are several reasons why your company may need the expertise of a lawyer. Most attorneys work on a retainer basis as businesses need their time and often during the regular course of their operations. Your business litigation lawyer can do the following and much more – 

  • Help draft and review legal agreements
  • Help prevent business fraud
  • Manage contracts
  • Take action for breach of business contracts and legal agreements
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Handle labor and employment matters
  • Help take legal action against relevant patients for pertinent cases

Finding the right attorney

Just like you wouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to draft your rental agreement, you don’t need any random lawyer but an attorney who specializes in commercial law and business litigation. Here are some quick questions that you must ask when hiring a lawyer – 

  1. How long have you been working as a business litigation lawyer?
  2. What industries and sectors do you specialize in?
  3. What type of litigation matters do you take up frequently in your practice?
  4. How do you bill your clients?
  5. What experience do you have in our industry?
  6. Do you work for our competitors or have a conflict of interest?
  7. How can we get updates on various matters?

Discuss their dispute resolution measures

Just because you have a dispute with one party doesn’t mean you start arguing in court. A trial can be an expensive process for any business, no matter the case at hand. Business lawyers are usually ready to go to trial, but they also have extensive experience in other dispute resolution methods. For instance, they may help negotiate and mediate, which can help significant time and money. There are also other options like arbitration. Your company doesn’t need an expensive or aggressive lawyer, but a smart one. The best litigation lawyers know when to take the right step and protect the interests of their clients. 

Always choose a local firm that’s based in Florida and is available to take up matters as and when needed. 

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