Blocked Drains? Here’s Why You Need to Hire a Reputable Engineer

There are few greater annoyances than a blocked, smelly drain at your home or business premises. When you notice blocked drains at your property, you may be tempted to attempt to tackle the blockage yourself. However, we would advise against this if you lack the necessary training and specialised equipment. Your attempt to save money may well make matters worse!

Instead, you should research the experienced drainage contractors in your locality. Do your homework and find a team of time-served drainage engineers to attend to the problem at hand. These trained operatives have the skills, knowledge and equipment to safely remove any blockages from your drains.

That’s why when it comes to drainage issues of any kind, your best course of action is to call in the professionals! Here are a few of the most compelling reasons why your local drainage engineer should be your first point of contact:

Minimal Disruption to Your Property and Fixtures

One of the biggest risks around the ‘DIY’ approach to unblocking drains is inadvertently damaging fittings and fixtures in the vicinity of the blockage. Without the right equipment and insights, you’re essentially tackling the problem blindly. This means you could easily burst a pipe or damage a fitting, which could leave you with a further costly repair bill to contend with. We think you’ll agree – it isn’t worth the risk!

A reputable drainage engineer will conduct a CCTV drain survey prior to unblocking. This will allow them to pinpoint any fixtures, pipes or fittings in the area, so that they can be avoided during the unblocking process.

Fully Qualified

In addition to having industry-standard equipment at their disposal, the best drainage engineers in your area will also have completed rigorous training to ensure they are fully versed in handling drainage waste, safely removing blockages, cleaning and maintaining your drains.

Before you commit to hiring a drainage engineer, you should make sure that they have earned nationally-recognised accreditations, such as those from the National Association of Drainage Contractors or the Environment Agency. These industry-trusted accreditations are awarded only to companies that follow best practices in their work and maintain high standards in safety and customer service.

Fast, Dependable Service

Upon discovering a blocked drain, it’s understandable that you’ll want to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible. Fortunately, most leading drainage companies offer a quick callout service to help keep any inconvenience to a minimum. Some even offer a 24-hour service for any drain emergencies that simply can’t wait until the morning!

Fair Prices

Here’s why it pays to do your research: the leading drainage contractors in your area will offer a high level of service, together with competitive rates. Their engineers will be courteous, reliable and transparent.

Having your blocked drain attended to by a professional costs less than you may think and you can also take comfort in the fact that the work is being carried out by an expert!

Thanks for Reading – Best of Luck

Many thanks for reading our article. If you are dealing with a drainage issue, we hope you are able to get it resolved as soon as possible. Remember, when it comes to drain concerns, your local drainage contractor is your friend!

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