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Bhojpurisavan is a famous music festival of Northern India that is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in various parts of the state. It is celebrated with such fanfare and enthusiasm that the festival is known as Baaj Fundara or Bhaiyya Fundraja. This Bhojpuri Festival has its origins in the city of Bhojpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.

Bhojpurisavan was founded on the occasion of Baaj Puri’s cremation. Bhojpurisavan is a small town near Bhojpur, which is in the same district of Mandawa. The original celebration of this festival was started with a bang by Bhojpurisavan’s most beloved son Baaj Puri.

Bhojpurisavan shares its name with Bhojpur MP3 Downloads. Bhojpurisavan is known for its bhangra trance parties and for the gana ceremony (previously called ‘Ki-sair’). There are several famous places in Bhojpurisavan like Bhojpur Lake where there are many gana centers and dancing sessions. There are also some localised eateries known as thalappas in Bhojpurisavan and at the same time you can find some fine eateries who give you some of the best tasting food in Bhojpur. These eateries offer some good Bhojpurisavan food such as Bhojpurisava chutney, Bhel puri chutney, Vada puri chutney and many more to compliment the taste of your visit.

Some of the local gana centres are: Bhajapati Maidan, Kala Ghoda, Chhatri Bandhan, Jan Patha, Balsamand, Bapu Bazaar, Janardan Bazar, Bapu Bazar Cinema, Bapu Bazar Dance Theatre and Bapu Bazar Gym. You have the option of sitting at the counters of these counters and having the local flavor food served to you. While you are enjoying the delicious food you can also get to hear the interesting Bhojpurisavan song. The bhojpurisavan song or the story behind it will really take you by surprise. This is why, the bhojpurisavan songs are important to know before you go to Bhojpurisavan.

For those who do not know, the new bhojpuri song download is based on “Chhotri Bandhan”. The song has also been made popular with the appearance of the hot dancing girl in the video. There are other local ganas in the vicinity of Bhojpurisavan like Bapu Bazaar and Chhotri Bandhan. They also serve as a source of income. A new bhojpuri video song DJ named Ravi Bedi is expected to make his presence felt soon enough.

With the increasing demand for bhojpurisavan restaurants, they have started a new series called Bhojpurisavan Restaurant. These restaurants will provide you with the best food from all around India. The restaurants are named after famous local food joints from various cities of India including Bhojpurisavan, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune. You will also find famous chefs preparing delicious local dishes at these restaurants that will leave your taste buds awed and wanting for more.

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