Best and most common roulette strategies

For many gamblers around the world, one of the best games to play is roulette. There are a number of different reasons why it has become incredibly popular over time, with many having their own choices as to why the game is one of their go tos.

Indeed, it could be down to the fact that the game is relatively simple to play as bettors only need to place a bet on where they think the ball is going to land when spun on to the roulette wheel, whilst others will opt for the game because it is an instant classic and one that they will have seen be depicted in a blockbuster Hollywood film. For some, the range of emotions could be what pulls at the heart and why the game has become their poision.

However, whilst it might have been stated that the overall gameplay experience is rather simplistic and easy to understand, there are a number of different roulette betting strategies that can be adopted and used to try and further enhance the gambling experience enjoyed, which is why a lot of players love this classic casino game.

How is roulette played?

As mentioned, roulette is a rather simple game to enjoy and play, with it perhaps being a lot easier and provide a little more fun for many to play when taking in a session at an online casino rather than in person, as they will have the option to choose from a number of different variations that exist; such as American and European roulette.

The game is simplistic in the fact that bettors simply have to decide where they believe the ball will land and hope the prediction that they make turns out to be true. Depending on the type of game played, players will find that there are a total of 37 or 38 numbered pockets to pick from, with numbers 1-36 available, as well as a single zero and a double zero (which is only found in American roulette).

There are a range of different bets that can be placed, each providing a different return if they are successful, however they give punters who decide to play with an option and decision to make. Of course, these can then come into the decision-making of whether or not to adopt one of the famous roulette strategies available.

What is a roulette strategy?

A roulette strategy is the plan or the method of action that will be closely followed for each game that is played. These strategies are designed in order to help a player to try and achieve a goal, although they are far from bulletproof, which is extremely important to note.

There are three incredibly popular roulette strategies that are traditionally adopted by players around the world. Each of these are relatively simple to understand and are extremely easy to adopt.

Martingale System

Perhaps the most commonly used roulette strategy around and one that many have applied to their gameplay experience whilst online or in person at a brick-and-mortar establishment, the ‘Martingale System’ is one that is easy to follow and utilize whenever desired.

Bettors who decide to use this strategy will simply continue to increase the amount that they place on each bet made after each unsuccessful attempt. The idea is that once a win has been achieved, all previously lost bets will have been recovered, however this is one that players should be rather cautious with as it can spiral and become pretty expensive quickly.

When thinking of the best bets to make when utilizing the ‘Martingale System’, even-money outside bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even & certain value brackets) are typically advised.

D’Alembert System

The ‘D’Alembert System’ is another widely used and popular roulette betting strategy that many have decided to implement within their gameplay experiences as it is rather similar to the aforementioned ‘Martingale System’, although this time, it is in reverse.

Players will look to increase each bet placed by a single unit until a winning bet is achieved, which will then see the bet size for the next one to be made be decreased by a unit. This helps to keep things rather easy for bettors, whilst it is also recommended to make outside bets when utilizing it.

Fibonacci System

The ‘Fibonacci System’ is the last of the common roulette betting strategies that can be implemented and this one is believed to be one of the safest to use when playing. It is extremely popular for many as all it requires to be followed is for the player to add the last two bets together.

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