Australian Sweetwater Crays new to Redclaw Crayfish Brisbane for Sale market

The Redclaw Crayfish Brisbane is a surface water crayfish native to Queensland and the Northern Parts. Initially restricted to water bodies connected with Australia’s Gulf stream channel, they are now found in almost all water harvesting systems in Queensland.

Since 1986, red claws have already been marketed and cultivated in southeast Queensland, where they are sold both as individual crays and juveniles year round. The red claw is an omnivorous sea creature that primarily sustains on vegetation. They are capable of surviving and flourishing in a range of environmental conditions.

Why Should You Purchase Redclaw?

Redclaw is cherished all over the globe for its hygienic, sweetness and high meat-to-fat ratio. There are only just a few redclaw growers in Australia, and demand usually exceeds the supply.

Our redclaw is a good substitute for prawn, shrimp, or Moreton Bay bugs due to their magnificent crispness and delicately sweet taste.

About Australian Sweetwater Crays

The Australian Sweetwater Crays is committed to producing high-quality crayfish feedstock possible through the use of scientific-technological innovations and sustainable and responsible practices. 

Led and operated by a family that employs the most up-to-date ailment control and maintenance methodologies, likely to result in a substantiated significant reduction in mortality risk, enhanced success rates, and overall better health, antibiotic-free, and pathogen-free red claw crayfish for the benefit of the public as well as growers, restaurant owners, and buyers.

We intend to supply high-quality live redclaw to the local farmers’ market, with an emphasis on farm gate revenues and restaurants in the Scenic Rim, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Australian Sweetwater Crays is home to the most highly developed redclaw crayfish hatchery in the entire globe, generating the nutritious, antibiotic-free, specialized pathogen-free, fastest-growing Australian redclaw crayfish craylings.

Why Purchase Craylings for Us Only?

We take a lot of pride in our ecologically sound farming practices, which include:

  • Cultivating Redclaw without using toxins or medications
  • Only using grain-based nourishment and no animal or fish meal
  • Ensuring that our craylings are fit and clean for human nutrition
  • We utilize 100% recycled plastic and encourage consumers to bring it to us for reprocessing.

Packaging and Delivery Process

Order from our website at any time using our protected payment option and pick up your redclaw live directly from our farm.

If you have got a big event planned or simply want to rejoice the outing, we recommend placing your order ahead of time through our online marketplace to worry about missing out.


Even though the item is typically delivered live, the system ensured freshness. It is sometimes difficult to keep the product alive. We suggest refrigeration if the redclaw is being used within 48 hours, or cooling down if the intentional timeframe before being used is prolonged than 48 hours.

The Size

To buy it online, please choose from the desired size and enter the number of units you need to have:

  • Medium Live Redclaw
  • Large Live Redclaw
  • XS Live Redclaw
  • Feeder Crays/Aquaponics
  • Craylings

The Cost

The price is determined by the quantity bought and may differ year-round.

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