Arsenal’s future: Why Bukayo Saka is the next big star

Bukayo Saka is only a few years into his professional football career but he has shown flashes of superstardom. He is a superb player for Arsenal and he has also spread his wings for England’s national team too.

Saka has worked himself to become a building block for both Arsenal and England’s national team. To do this at his age makes him a special talent that should be appreciated for years to come.

England’s most versatile youngster

At only 21 years of age, Saka has already proven that he can be a Swiss army knife for his club and country. This has firmly cemented him as part of the 5 best Arsenal players today.

Right-winger is his most played role at Arsenal and that has led to solid results, especially in the 2022/23 season as they make a title charge. For the most part, he thrives on the right side of the pitch because he can make plays for his teammates but at the same time, score goals.

Saka can be deployed in almost any position

Saka can also play either side as a wing-back which means that he will mostly focus on defending but he can also attack. He can play just like Liverpool star and England teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold with his bombarding runs through the right wing.

Pundits have said that Saka is a jack of all trades because he can fit into any system. That is a special strength to have because Saka is talented with his dribbling but his fundamentals are reliable enough to also play as a defender or even a midfielder when needed.

Young leader

Saka is one of the biggest voices in the dressing room alongside captain Martin Ødegaard and the ever-vocal Granit Xhaka. This is important because Saka is primed to be Arsenal’s star alongside fellow youngsters Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli.

At Arsenal, Saka is seen as the star of their future alongside fellow youngsters Emile Smith Rowe and Gabriel Martinelli. Even if both Martin Ødegaard and Granit Xhaka are the vocal leaders, Saka also serves as one of the biggest voices in the dressing room.

Mikel himself talked about Saka’s lowkey leadership and how it helps the club. He said, ‘He’s really humble, respectful and at the same time has that character to demand the ball, to make decisions that are not very usual for his age. We need that leadership and he’s gaining that with his attitude’.

Aside from being vocal, Saka can also lead by example. He plays with infectious enthusiasm and energy which can trickle down to his teammates. A recent example of this is Arsenal’s October 16, 2022 match against Leeds United where Saka scored a goal which re-energised his team.

Always a reliable star

Saka does not suffer from making the mistakes that young players usually do. That is huge for such a talented youngster like him because he does not want to do too much aside from his role. Saka knows that he has to play with a mature mindset so he can help his team become more balanced.

The 21-year-old plays a crucial role on the right side where Arsenal usually start their attacks from. Whenever he gets a one-on-one matchup with a defender, he will try to dribble past him so he can make plays for his teammates either with a cross or a pinpoint ground ball pass.

This kind of stability is rare to see from any footballer let alone a player as young as Saka. He is a special talent that can always be relied upon to make the big plays for his teammates. When needed, he can score goals too which makes him such a big threat to any defence.

It is safe to say that Saka is one of the 5 best Arsenal players today and he will most likely be their star for the foreseeable future alongside ESR and Gabi.

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