A Splash of Cyberpunk for Your Gaming Setup with the GIP 44 Gaming Desk

By: Vinny Larkspur

The Cost: $200.42

The Specs: 44.8 inches wide, 23 inches deep, 30 inches high

The Producer: Eureka Ergonomic

The Rating

5 out of 5

The Overall

Here we have a gaming desk that follows through on its promises. Just like the cool RGB glow it casts out from all sides, the GIP 44 Gaming Desk from Eureka Ergonomic secures a spot center-stage for gamers in pursuit of the most epic compact gaming desk. Unlike other gaming desks with similar dimensions, the GIP 44 Gaming Desk is made sustainably from high-value materials that prove just as firm as they claim. Amenities such as a mousepad, cupholder, and controller rack add a desirable sense of ease to the gaming setup.

The Presentation

You might be used to seeing RGB lighting on a gaming desk by now, but you haven’t seen any like this. The RGB on the GIP 44 is fiber optic, which not only ensures consistently higher performance but looks way cooler, adding a vivid sci-fi effect that makes me think of Blade Runner or something. The fiber optic RGB lighting wraps around all sides of the GIP 44 and can be set to any color and multiple patterns, including Solid, Cycle, Pulse, and an awesome (and honestly kind of otherworldly) strobing effect. This laser show, however you choose to tailor it, is all easily controllable from a built-in desk device.

The Body

The carbon fiber texture desktop does not belie itself: the GIP 44’s manufacturing indisputably matches the quality of its design (that quality: Very Good). With a CRS (cold rolled steel) frame, the GIP 44 won’t disappoint you like other setups might have in the past when you opened up a package only to find a hollow, weak, cheaply made product. Nope, this is professional grade. The good stuff. Besides the sensible design, the build is naturally water-resistant and won’t dent on you. Carbon steel polygon I shaped legs allow the GIP 44 to hold up to 330 pounds, and—thanks to their shape—stay well enough out of the way that you won’t find yourself annoyingly banging your knee against them throughout the day. The overall structure is firm and—with the help of height adjustable leveling feet—will not only stay in place but stay flush with the floor.

The Bundle

Oh, so you thought that was all? Sorry, not so fast, bud. Can’t go venturing into the gaming desk woods without the proper instruments. Eureka Ergonomic were thoughtful enough to attach a “Gamer’s Gear Bundle” to the GIP 44 Gaming Desk. That bundle boasts a custom-made non-slip mousepad, cupholder, dual headset hook, and a controller rack that also doubles as a charging port with 4 USB slots. For the sake of organization, and because the producer seemed to be in tune with gamers’ desires, the desktop comes with two built-in cable management grommets at the rear to keep all your cords from going hairy-nairy and messing with the vibe.

The Conclusion

Vibe: Not Messed With. Vibe: Enhanced, Actually. If regular RGB lighting doesn’t impress you and you’ve been yearning for something more, something more vibrant, something that’s going to throw you straight into Neuromancer, I would recommend to you the GIP 44 Gaming Desk and only the GIP 44 Gaming Desk. https://eurekaergonomic.com/gaming-desk

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