8 NFT Projects And Artists To Watch In 2022

Transforming the digital asset markets are NFT (non-fungible token) art projects. After Christie’s Auction House sold an art piece for over $68 million in 2021, the non-fungible token market is constantly growing globally. We are seeing more new artists and projects on blockchains to buy or sell paintings and digital art.

While the NFT is high in supply, the demand is low, making it difficult to determine which art project will hold future value. We put together a list of projects by artists that may have potential you should watch in 2022.

1. ArThief

South Korean digital artist Arthief is a 14-year-old exploring pop culture, games, and technology in his art. Local news media featured his works in a few art shows. If you want to support inspiring young artists, watch his NFT project this year.

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2. Beeple Artwork

Watch artist Mike Winkelman’s Beeple Artwork project after selling a J-Peg file for over $69 million. The sale made him the third highest-paid living artist during the year he sold his art.

3. CryptoSkulls

In 2019, the CryptoSkulls project minted collectible non-fungible tokens, the second-largest PFP project on the Ethereum blockchain. Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunk holders and Gary Vee purchased CryptoSkulls. Not only is the NFT a collectible, but each token is playable in a game called Gold of Skulls.

4. Curio Cards

Curio Cards is an NTF project introduced in 2017 featuring a set of 30 cards from seven digital artists. Artists such as Daniel Friedman, Cryptopop, and Cryptograffiti established the value of the card-set at Christie’s Auction House. In October 2021, the they sold a 30-card set for over $1 million.

5. DutchTide

Independent digital artist DutchTide created Tide Estates comprising luxurious apartments in the metaverse in September 2020. He started the ecosystem for interested collectors, investors, and artists. You can find NFT blockchains and cryptocurrency at https://www.okx.com/markets/prices. We recommend watching the NFT project because of its transparency and the possibility of holding value.

6. 8th Project

French artist 8th Project, a french-born artist, made a name for himself, creating unique artworks. He exhibited his art at the Pixan Galeria and Hotel Casa Olivia. Keeping an eye on his art NFT could be a prospect that will hold value.

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7. Ghost of Frank Dukes

Launched in December 2021, the Ghost of Frank Dukes started with 9,999 non-fungible tokens. Ging developed the NFT project over a three-year timeline. He created the NFT project for music and art lovers, executives, and creators, allowing them access to its library. His success in the music industry makes the NFT a watch this year.

8. ThankYouX

Artist ThankYouX introduced his collection of paintings to the NFT market in 2020. He had already established his career as an artist showcasing his paintings in CA, London, NY, and Miami. We selected his NFT as a must-watch after he sold his artworks for $485,100 in 2021.

NFT blockchains are expanding with various artists, creators, and brands, from over the world. We listed eight of the top NFT artists and projects you should watch in 2022. Collecting these NFTs may be perfect investments that may hold future value. Before investing in non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies, perform your research or seek advice from an investment adviser.

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