5 Reasons To Utilize Event Apps

An Event app has become a “must-have” for many different events. While event apps have been around for a while, event technology has advanced rapidly. Many new features have made your event much more dynamic and successful.

Companies are using them to help attendees get the most out of their event experience by guiding them to the sessions and activities that are most relevant to them. Event apps can be used for internal events such as conferences or sales meetings. For external events such as exhibitions or trade shows, event apps can be used to provide information in real-time.

1. Improves Communication

Event apps help you effectively communicate with attendees, which can be especially helpful if you’re organizing a significant event or if your audience has mixed messages to hear.

  • You can send personalized push notifications. For example, if you’ve got a trade show and one of your exhibitors wants to make sure everyone knows they’re giving away free swag at their booth, they could use the app to send a push notification. This is great because it makes them look cool by keeping people informed while helping the event organizer ensure attendees access all their promotional material (the event app) instead of flyers or postcards scattered around the venue.
  • You can send emails and direct messages within the app. Some famous examples are last-minute reminders about upcoming sessions or announcements about what’s happening next during downtime between sessions (i.e., lunch break).

2. Saves Time and Money

  • Event Apps save time and moneyby eliminating the need to print event materials. This means you don’t have to spend time designing or printing the materials, nor do you have to pay someone else to do it for you.
  • Event apps can help reduce venue costs since a conference or meeting space is no longer needed.
  • Event apps save time by reducing the need for planning and preparation as they are customizable and easy to use. They also save time during your event because attendees don’t need to travel anywhere.
  • Because there’s no travel required, event apps help save more time because meetings are shortened or eliminated so everyone can focus on other tasks at hand or relax!
  • Overall, utilizing an event app saves you the most time setting up and tearing down your current event location(s).

3. Increases Engagement

An event app can increase engagement for your conference, meeting, or event in many ways.

  • Alert attendees of important updates via push notifications
  • Market your exhibitors and sponsors by allowing them to add coupons and specials within the app.
  • Offer an in-app messaging system so that you and attendees can communicate quickly, easily, and efficiently.

4. Streamlines Processes

From the moment you begin planning your event, everything from registration to badge printing to the program schedule is done through the app. This eliminates the need for multiple platforms and streamlines communication for planners and attendees. With no time-consuming or complicated processes, planners can save money on printing costs and reduce their IT team’s workload. Rather than hiring outside expertise, they can manage all aspects of the event within one app.

5. Increases Business Opportunities

There are many ways that event apps can increase your business opportunities. The number one way is through networking. Most of the time, people attend events and conferences to meet with their peers in other companies and get information about new advancements in the industry.

Another way event apps increase business opportunities is by expanding your reach. By using mobile marketing tools like push notifications, you will be able to send out messages about new programs and updates to all of your attendees in real-time. This allows you to include any last-minute changes or additions without emailing everyone individually or printing out extra paper flyers, which saves money on printing costs and increases attendance at events.


As you can see, implementing an event app into the planning and execution of your next event holds endless benefits. Your guests will appreciate the time saved by not having to search through multiple paper pages instead of having all the information needed. You’ll find your life easier and less hectic, thanks to event apps.

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