5 Questions To Ask While Buying A New Mattress

Buying a new Nolah Natural latex mattress is similar to buying a new car. Before choosing one, you want to check all its features and longevity. Not only that, but you would also have to read reviews of its buyers and do a little bit of research about the product.

You may consider purchasing a mattress from Saatva to have better quality products. You have to ask yourself some questions to find the best products when you buy them from any brand.

The current post will discuss five questions you should ask yourself while buying a mattress.

Will This Mattress Meet My Medical Needs?

If you are going through health conditions, the mattress you choose can play a huge role in your well-being. The perfect bed will give you complete comfort irrespective of the type of pain you have. It can be back pain, pregnancy-related pain, or poor circulation.

A knowledgeable person in the store will help you find the right mattress to meet your needs.

What’s in This Mattress?

This one is an intelligent question you can ask whenever you purchase a new mattress. Modern mattresses contain memory foam, latex, or gel foam. They sometimes are hybrids to add more comfort to the sleepers. Depending on your health needs and sleeping style, you need to choose the type of mattress.

You can consult a sleep specialist who will help you figure out the ideal mattress composition for yourself.

Why is Motion Transfer Important?

Motion transfer is a vital factor while buying a new mattress for most people out there. People who move a lot while sleeping need a bed that minimizes motion transfer. Apart from reducing motion transfer, one prefers a mattress that allows inconvenient nighttime awakening.

Memory foam and latex mattresses prevent the nighttime movement of one sleeper from bothering other sleepers on the same bed.

Is This The Right Size Of Bed For Me?

If you are comfortable with your current bed size, then there is no reason to try a different mattress of a different size. But if you are shifting to a new house or buying a new bed, you need to look for a mattress of a different size.

What If I am Not Happy With The Mattress I Bought

This question is one of the most common questions you ask after buying a new mattress. You may not feel comfortable sleeping on it for a while after getting it. To avoid this, you should always buy one from a store that has a comfort guarantee.

If you are not feeling the same after using the product, you can file a return and look for a new one.


A mattress decides the amount and quality of sleep you have. You must never compromise its quality for anything. Ask the above questions and buy one according to the answers. You will be able to choose the best product this way.

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