4 ways Boost eCommerce Conversions with Video Marketing

ECommerce business has risen during the last few years and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. And on the other hand, videos are leading on all platforms and networks. And for that combining these two strategies, you can achieve significant results.  

All businesses and eCommerce stores want to build trust with their customers, and video marketing can be the most effective way to do that. 

Four tips on how the boost eCommerce conversion with video marketing

Video marketing can boost awareness for your eCommerce brand as well. It’s already clear benefits of it, but the question is how to use video marketing for eCommerce success. Here we will offer you four ways how to boost eCommerce conversions through video marketing

1.Create explainer and product videos

One the first thing you can do is create explainer videos, which again tell the viewers about your business but is more focused and how it can help potential customers. These videos highlight the values it can bring customers’ lives. 

Usually, marketers include videos on your landing page, as they will give visitors all the information they need to know about your E-commerce business before they start researching your products. 

You should give a reason to your potential buyers to choose your product over competitors. In this stage, you can create product videos. And you can give details about how your products, like a real estate chatbot or other options, work and show them in action. 

Both your explainer and product videos should be helpful and concise.

2. Make how-to videos

How-to videos or tutorials are informative content whose goal is to their people new things but also to advertise eCommerce products. 

It can be videos on how to become an interior designer and what solutions your company offers if it is a design company. What is important is that a how-to video can help you build an image brand that is an expert in the niche. 

3. Include video in your emails 

Email marketing is a powerful way to communicate with potential buyers. And if you combine it with videos, you can achieve greater results. You can have a greater chance to boost awareness for your eCommerce product. If you create email marketing campaigns, including videos, the conversion rate will be higher.

You can use a social media video maker to create high-quality videos that will help you increase conversion for your eCommerce product.

4. Use the power of storytelling. 

It is impossible to deny the importance of storytelling which is the real art of communicating with your customers. Creating interesting and captivating stories about your eCommerce products. 

Through stories, you can avoid being over-promotional. Instead, you can create a human connection with your customers. By building this kind of relationship, you can not only create engagement but also lead conversion as well.


ECommerce brands try to find ways to convert visitors into customers using video marketing. Photos can show the benefits of products, but opportunities for video marketing are wider. Here we discussed four ways how to use videos to boost conversion. We have suggested creating product videos and how-to videos and also building stories around your brand. Following these strategies, you can grow your eCommerce business.

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