4 Tactics For Instagram Growth as an Online Store

As an online store, you know how important having an effective social media presence is. And when it comes to building a following and engaging with customers, there’s no better platform than Instagram. This platform has more than 1 billion active monthly users and remains the go-to platform for businesses and brands looking to target potential customers and increase their visibility. Here are four key tactics that will help you grow your online store on Instagram.

Four methods for growing your online store on Instagram

Engage With Your Audience 

The most important step in growing your online store is engaging with your audience. Start by responding to comments and messages, both positive and negative. This will show your customers that you value their feedback and care about their experience with your business. You can also take the time to like other people’s posts related to your niche or industry, as well as comment on those posts if appropriate. This will help establish yourself as an authority and get people interested in what you have to offer. Also, consider hiring a professional who wants to become a business analyst and can build strategies on how to engage with your audience.

Post Quality Content 

Quality content is key for any successful Instagram account. Make sure that all of your images are high quality and correctly sized for Instagram so they look professional and attractive when posted. Also, be sure to post regularly so that followers don’t forget about you! Try posting at least once a day so you stay top of mind among potential customers. Also, offer free pdf books to encourage your followers to share your content.

Captivating captions that promote the brand’s values should accompany each post. It’s also helpful to include hashtags and relevant influencers in posts, as they can reach brings more visibility to Instagram posts. By taking these steps and creating awesome content for social media, businesses can build an audience of engaged followers who are likely to become buyers of their products.

Utilize Hashtags 

Hashtags are incredibly powerful tools for reaching new audiences on Instagram, so make sure you’re using them effectively! First off, research popular hashtags related to your niche or product offering. You can also create branded hashtags specific to your business or products as a way to build brand recognition and encourage followers to share content featuring your products or services using the hashtag (which will help boost engagement). In case you want to promote your  WordPress quiz plugin, consider using relevant hashtags.

Lastly, be sure not to overuse hashtags; generally speaking, three or four per post is enough!   

Leverage Influencers 

Influencer marketing can be an excellent tactic to reach new audiences who may not already be aware of your online store. Moreover, implement a free email blast system and try to find influencers via email.

Look for influencers with large followings who align with the values of your business and partner with them on sponsored posts or stories featuring your products or services.  This can help drive more traffic directly from their followers, which can result in increased sales for your business! 


Growing an online store on Instagram isn’t easy – but it doesn’t have to be hard, either! If you follow these four simple steps – engage with followers; post quality content; use hashtags; leverage influencers – then you’ll soon find yourself growing the presence of your store organically while connecting with potential customers around the world! So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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