4 Qualities of a Good Head Coffee Barista

The coffee industry is booming. With coffee shops sprouting on every corner, it’s hard to keep up with which coffee is the most popular or what kind of coffee beans are in demand. 

One thing that every coffee shop needs, though, is a good head coffee barista. A head barista can be an owner of the company or someone who works at the shop. Either way, they need to know much about coffee and how to make a good cup.

This is why apart from looking for a great location or the best coffee machine online, the importance of finding a qualified coffee barista cannot be overstated. Here are four qualities coffee shop owners should look for when hiring one:

Sound management skills

A good head coffee barista should not only know how to make the best-tasting cup of coffee, but they should also be able to manage their staff. They need to set an example for everyone else in the company. A great way to do this is by showing up early every day so that you can get a better feel for what kind of work your employees are doing. 

Sure, some people may say “If I’m here all the time, I’ll never leave!” But really, think about whether or not that’s how you want your business run. Would anyone respect someone who just sat around? Of course not.

Good Organisation Skills

If the head barista is disorganised, then that’s going to trickle down through the ranks of your company, leading to unhappy employees and customers. A good head coffee barista knows how to separate their work life from home life, so they are prepared for anything! 

Passionate About Coffee

This one is a no-brainer. Anyone, at any level of experience in the coffee industry, needs to have a passion for what they do and sell. That’s especially true for head baristas. They have good knowledge about coffee, yet, they don’t stop learning more about it. 

They have the drive to stay current with the latest coffee news and trends. Note that the more knowledgeable someone is, the better leader or mentor they’ll likely be, too.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

A great head barista knows how to talk to people, along with knowing when and where to do it. They make sure everyone who walks into your shop feels welcome, safe and comfortable no matter which seat they take. 

When they see how their head barista treats people, everyone else would follow suit by being polite, kind and engaging. In addition, good head baristas know how to train employees well so that customers are satisfied no matter who serves them: happy clients will come back for more!

The best head coffee baristas know how much work goes into every cup served up both inside and outside of the shop. Make sure you’re hiring someone who has experience with this type of job. Passionate people can go far, but only if their skills match up too. Don’t just hire anyone for the job because it won’t turn out as great as you hope.

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