4 C’s of Diamonds – Lab Diamonds Vs Real Diamonds

There are many differences between natural and lab grown diamonds. While the latter are the traditional choice, more consumers are opting for the former. Despite their similarities, there are some major differences, too. To make the decision easier for consumers, we’ve outlined below a comparison of the two types. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve categorized the main differences between natural and lab grown diamonds into two categories: clarity and color.

Terms of appearance

In terms of appearance, lab grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds. Their chemical makeup is the same and they harden at the same rate. The only difference is their origin. The natural diamonds are created through extreme heat and pressure, whereas the lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory. The difference in appearance is mainly due to the manufacturing process. However, lab-grown gems are often cut to look like diamonds.

Guides and FAQ guides

Although they are not as precious as real diamonds, lab grown ones are still considered fine jewelry. Cutting and designing lab-grown diamonds to resemble the rich and privileged are common practice among privileged friends. They are the same in hardness, shine and look, and are much cheaper than their real counterparts. The only difference is that lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper. If you’re thinking about buying a lab-grown diamond, lab grown diamonds vs real you should first do some research online. There are plenty of websites that provide helpful information. You can also go through buying guides and FAQ guides. Then, you’ll have a better idea of which one to go for.


Lab grown diamonds are much cheaper than their natural counterparts. The production and polishing process takes only a few days, whereas the real diamonds require hundreds of years. The only difference between them is the cost of mining. While there are many advantages to lab-grown diamonds, you’ll want to look at their benefits and drawbacks before making a final decision. If you’re shopping for diamond jewellery, it’s best to go for the lab-grown ones. There are so many options and advantages that you’ll surely love.

As mentioned earlier, natural diamonds are formed under intense pressure in the earth’s crust. When they’re formed, they’re forced up through narrow shafts. The extraction process involves massive amounts of pressure, which creates a rough diamond. This means that lab-grown diamonds are cheaper, but that the real ones can’t be mistaken for being fake. In contrast, natural diamonds are made in a laboratory for industrial purposes.

Natural diamonds are more rare than lab-grown ones, but they’re still not as valuable. Because they’re rarer, they’re worth more, and lab grown diamonds aren’t as perfect as real ones. Therefore, choosing a natural stone is a personal decision. A genuine lab-grown diamond is a much cheaper alternative, but it doesn’t have as much appeal. The cost difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds is significant.

Pure diamonds luxurious

Lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than organic ones. They’re not as big as natural diamonds, but they can be just as beautiful. The price difference is only in size, though, and a natural diamond can weigh up to 400 carats. Because lab-grown diamonds are made from pure crystallized carbon, the cost difference between the two is smaller. If you’re concerned about environmental impact, you can purchase a natural diamond from a jeweler that supports environmental causes.

Despite their differences in quality, natural diamonds are still more valuable than lab-grown ones. The Natural Diamond Council states that natural diamonds are rarer and therefore higher in value. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally friendly and conflict-free. But the truth is that there is little difference between natural diamonds and lab-grown ones. They are both beautiful, but the latter is more durable.


When it comes to quality, lab-grown diamonds have a similar chemical and physical makeup to natural diamonds. They’re created in a laboratory, whereas natural diamonds are naturally grown. Hence, the physical properties of both types of the two are the same. Aside from being more affordable, 4 c’s diamond lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly and cost significantly less than natural diamonds. If you’re not sure, you can always try them out and see if they’re better for you.

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