3 Things You Need to Know About Moving to the South

So, you’re strongly considering moving to the South and aren’t sure what to expect. Plenty of us have been there before.

If you’re thinking it’s a little unusual to be picking up and moving to a completely new region of the United States, relax. There are transplants all over the country. Everybody’s from everywhere.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that you sometimes do have to get used to a completely new lifestyle where you’re going. If you’re coming from, say, Pennsylvania, and have been looking for Little Rock houses for sale, or roommates in Atlanta,  well, there’s a lot to say about that!

Here are some things you definitely need to know when you’re moving to the South.

Yes, Winter Exists, but Not Much

Winter exists in the South, but it doesn’t exist much, if that makes sense. Sure, you’ll get some days in the 40s Fahrenheit, or even the 30s, and you’ll even get snow once in a while during the winter.

However, on the whole, the South is generally warmer than the North, and so its winters can be considered mild. You may have heard that Southern summers are quite brutal, and that’s true. We’re talking temperatures in the 80s and 90s or above, and with high humidity. Winters, then, although not extremely cold, are a relief for those Southerners who just can’t take the heat.

But watch out! Southerners tend not to be prepared for a lot of snow, so tread carefully if a storm ever does pass through.

Things Are Generally More Relaxed

You may have heard that people in the South tend to move a lot slower than Northerners. And that’s no knock on Southerners, but it’s just the way it is in a lot of the region.

So, think about New York City. You know how that city is just moving all the time, late for something, going somewhere, rushing on to the next thing?

Not so in the South. People will talk to you in public, stopping their days to be friendly and check out what others are doing. It can be a pleasant shift from life in the North, if a bit shocking at first if you’re from nowhere near the South.

However, if you just roll with it, you might find that this was just the life change you were looking for!

The Summers

Well, we covered the winters, so let’s get into some more detail about every Southerner’s favorite season: summer.

Did you hear the sarcasm in that?

Here’s the jig: you might think you can handle 85 or 90 or even 100 degrees Fahrenheit when it’s nice and dry like it is over in Arizona or something. But no no, that’s not the South.

Try 100 degrees and almost extreme humidity. It’s like, you’ll go for a five-minute walk and find your back suddenly drenched in sweat.

It’s why most households in the South that can afford it have central air conditioning. It’s just a must, and not just for comfort, but for safety. Heat stroke can come quickly if you’re not used to the conditions down south.

Overall, the South is a lovely place with its own idiosyncrasies that you gotta learn to love. If you’re moving there, you should have a real blast!

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