12 Important Lessons We Learned In 2021? And What To Do In 2022

Now that the year is coming to an end, there were a few things I wanted to write down. Every year teaches you something; it might be full of joy and laughter for all 365 days, or it can show you that life is unpredictable, with suffering, worries, and failures all around you. Every year teaches you something, whether it be happiness or grief. 

If it’s happiness, it instructs you to be grateful for the moment that made you smile, and it teaches you that everything is fleeting. Smiles and sorrows do not last forever; it is a combination of the two that provides balance to our life.

The Top 12 Lessons We Learned In 2021 (And Advice For 2022!)

1. Get an insurance

Life is unpredictable and among the wide variety of things you need to get is quality insurance. There are different types of insurance providers including geriatric health insurance, government car insurance for low-income families, private insurance companies, and more. 

You should do your research and find one that is suitable for your budget, properties and goals. 

2. Avoid Endless Planning

There’s a balance between planning and really doing things/executing on them, and I came across the phrase improvisational productivity, which describes how the longer you wait between writing something down and then doing it, the less likely you are to execute it. 

In 2022, I’m going to be much more conscious of this, focused on not only spending the appropriate amount of time preparing, but also executing. You can only go so far with planning. Keep your focus on the present moment.

Thanks To Robert Welch, CEO at Projector1.

3. Do New Sports: Play Disc Golf

During the past year, we may have had to spend a lot of time isolated at home. But we have found some outside activities that we can do in small groups or by ourselves. One sport, disc golf, is really taking off, and it’s perfectly safe to exercise and outdoor activities that you can do during the extended pandemic. Disc golf equipment is inexpensive and many of the courses are free. 

4. Believe In Yourself

This lesson was like a lifeline in my life, and I’m grateful that this year I was given the opportunity to participate in a learning experience that has changed my life. For me, the “Believe in Yourself” part has its first moves this year.

Maybe it was because I doubted my own value and the power of decisions that I was always waiting for approval for the simplest of things. This year pushed me closer to my goals since I was motivated to pursue them. I felt confident, powerful, and proud of myself because of my enthusiasm for my profession and the realization that yes, I can be accurate or that I should try it once to see if I can accomplish it.

Thanks to Charles Larosa, CEO at Prepared Cooks.

5. Learn patience, go fishing

Patience, time, and effort are required, but it always pays off when you get a nibble and haul in a large fish. Fishing is an activity that may help us develop patience and realize the benefits of waiting.

You also need to be patient while learning about fishing because there is a wide variety of techniques or baits to go through including crankbaits, live minnows .. etc. 

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Change

It’s difficult to adjust to new circumstances, whether they’re good or terrible. Uncertainty when confronted with something for which you have no prior expertise is a primary source of anxiety.

Crisis, on the other hand, might be an opportunity if you establish a “challenge attitude” rather than a “threat perspective.” When you’re confronted with a difficult scenario, do you think of it as:

Is there a problem that you don’t have the capacity or resources to deal with, and it’s stopping you in your tracks? You’ve adopted a “threat attitude.”

An opportunity to hone your talents while utilizing the tools at your disposal? You’ve developed a “challenging attitude.”

It’s easier said than done, but there are certain tactics that can help you improve your ability to adapt to change. These include reducing as much ambiguity as possible, putting things into perspective, motivating yourself with a long-term objective, and many others.

Thanks to Emily David, CEO at Mumeemagic  

7. No Place Is Safe!

First, no place is safe. We watched 2021 unfold almost from Day One with an insurrection in the United States, supposedly the standard of democracy for the world. In many ways, it came close to succeeding. 

The US is weaker than it was before, and many of the perpetrators clearly will never be held to account. 2021 has also seen record weather events, including right here in my country, Canada. We saw the highest ever temperature recorded in the country, in the town of Lytton. 

A few days later, the town was burned with fire to the ground in a record-breaking forest fire season. As I type this, most of Western Canada has been breaking cold-temperature records over the past few days. Extreme climate events like this have been playing out around the world. 

Meanwhile, a pandemic has raged across the planet, respecting no borders and sparing no towns. Second, I am blessed to be where I am, in relative safety. My country remains pretty stable. And the risks of floods and fires, tornadoes and hurricanes are generally less where I am then in most parts of North America or even the world. 

And living in the country, working from home, I can more or less hide from the pandemic. For 2022, let’s all be grateful for what blessings we have. Because things could get a lot worse. 

David Leonhardt, President THGM Writers http://THGMwriters.com

8. The lesson I learned in the past year.

The past year has been tough on both my employees and me, considering we shifted to remote working and set up a hybrid working environment. However, I went through a learning process. I understood that despite living in times of great adversaries, such as the ongoing pandemic and political tension, things would go well if we focused on our goals. Through teamwork, employing collaboration tools, and giving positive feedback, I learned that we could achieve the objectives that we planned. 

My best tip for 2022. 

Incorporating automation tools in running tasks is the best tip I would give to enterprises looking to maximize their profits. These tools help speed up manual processes that may consume lots of time and delay project completion. Now that most companies are implementing hybrid environments and utilizing remote working automation will streamline teamwork and increase productivity.

Thanks to Ryan Yount, Chief Operating Officer at Luckluck go.

9. Stop Being Your Biggest Enemy

This was a major one, and as time went on, I realized that the toughest battles are sometimes fought against yourself. I’m referring to the moments when your mind tells you that you can’t accomplish something or that you aren’t the appropriate person for something, or when you start worrying about what others will think of you. 

After doing things for a while, I’ve realized that those notions are false 99 percent of the time. Knowing this, you should probably simply ignore them. Unless what you want to do is physically harmful or will damage someone else, embrace your fear and do what you want anyhow.

Thanks to Justin Nabity, Owner at Wellpcb.

10. In-person interaction

I’ve learned about the value of in-person interaction. Personally, I don’t believe, as convenient as it is, that video or text conversations have the same impact as a regular conversation. Miscommunications often occur through text and email, and during video calls, we often lack much of the body language that we’d use to communicate. 

I’d say, if possible (even if it means doing a PCR test beforehand), try to arrange in-person conversations with stakeholders and employees from time to time. It’ll prove to be invaluable in the long run, and help a lot in building trust. 

Here is a quick bio about the writer of this advice:

Adam Garcia has had a passion for finance and investing since early high school. He founded TheStockDork.com as a resource with down-to-earth, easy-to-understand, and unbiased information for all investors. Before establishing The Stock Dork, Adam founded and operated an Investor Relations Firm. When he’s not searching for new ways to help his readers, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children as well as all things outdoors.

11. Thank About How You Spend Your Time

This is something I’ve discovered to be quite significant. The important thing is to be deliberate about how you spend your time. Do what is important to you, what you care about, and what you like. However, remembering to take pauses is still necessary. You don’t have to be productive all of the time, but as long as you’re conscious of your time and manage it in a way that works for you, you’ll be OK. 

Thanks To Alex Thompson, The CEO of Festoon House.

12. Travel More, Research More

I have itchy feet, so I enjoy traveling! The first and most important thing to do when traveling is to research. Take some time to learn about the culture of the location or country you’ll be visiting shortly. Make a list of the crucial things to remember in that location/country, such as the do’s and don’ts. Because I’m sure you don’t want to experience culture shock or find up in jail for something you didn’t intend to do. Prepare your checklist and itineraries after that. 

When you travel, you have a limited amount of time. So, by making a checklist, I’m confident you’ll see all of the great places in that area. And of course, bring your spare cash. You do not want to pass up the opportunity to purchase souvenirs for yourself or your family. Lastly, keep critical documents such as your passport, tickets, and identification cards secure.

Thanks To Brookelyn Simms from super mom picks.

The Bottom Line

Without a question, 2022 has a lot in store for us. But, armed with the knowledge gained from a trying year, we may approach it with more confidence and excitement. “If you have to sweep the streets, sweep them as Shakespeare wrote poetry,” we thought we’d close the year with a quotation from one of our favorite poems. Next year may provide some wonderful and unexpected possibilities for you, so take advantage of them and aim to make each day your masterpiece.

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