Why You Need an Online running app & How Vingo is the Best For You

Have you heard about indoor cycling or running? It is a form of exercise which you do from inside the comfort and safety of your house. This form of workout is catching up fast. After the pandemic when the world has been in various levels of lockdown, people have migrated to this new form of workout. What is interesting about this form of exercise is that it is not only safe, it can also be completed at any time of the day & whenever you are free. 

While, normal working out requires you to get fully dressed for the occasion and meet other people on the road, this foregoes all such necessities. In fact, you can start running without even checking the traffic!

Of course, you will be running on your treadmill and it could get boring after a point of time. This is where an online running app comes into play. An app like Vingo helps you to make this ordinary treadmill running into an exciting exercise where you can explore the world and meet new people in the virtual world.

Meet New People in the Virtual World

Once you install Vingo on your device, you can connect it with your treadmill or cycle. If your treadmill doesn’t have the latest sensors and connectivity options, no need to worry. Vingo is compatible with a number of ANT+ sensors. So, you can measure your indoor running with ease. You can fit these sensors to the treadmill & connect the sensor with the Vingo app through Bluetooth or other methods. 

The app gamifies the exercises and populates a virtual world, where you can exercise and explore. It has a choice of locations like Iceland, mountains, islands and many other localities.

Find Attractive Places to Explore

One of the best things with Vingo is you can bring your friends and family to any place you want to go. While it could be hard for the elderly people to explore challenging terrains in real life, you can do all that inside the world of Vingo. 

So, you can happily take your family to keep you company in your online running sessions. If you live alone, or if you want to explore the places with random people, then Vingo also has that option. 

When you enter a map or locality, you can see your fellow Vingo-ers who are exploring that part of the map. When you are sufficiently close, you can hear what they are speaking and you can chat with them.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

Imagine massively multiplayer online role playing games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite, PUBG & the likes. Now take that same concept with your regular exercise. That is what Vingo is. 

Since you level up after completion of each task and become eligible for newer outfits, newer canine companions or locations to explore, it keeps you motivated to run better and better. This way, the app gives you the urgent care to constantly better yourself. 

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get on the new way of running. Install Vingo & work on your fitness.

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