Why Should a Business Professional Need to be CBAP Certified?

Today business analysts are highly in demand and it is clear from the fact that a majority of big names like Xiaomi, Amazon, Salesforce, Google, Deloitte, and many more are looking for skilled and certified Business Analysts.

The business Analyst career is reaching new heights these days as more and more organizations have realized the importance of business analysts in their team. A Business Analyst is a professional who can guide their business in improving products, services, processes, and software via data analysis.

It is a Business Analyst who bridges the gap between IT and business processes by using analytics to identify requirements, assess processes, and eventually data-driven solutions and provide the reports to stakeholders and executives.

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Did you know that a CBAP certification holder can earn up to 13% greater than non-certified peers, according to IIBA?

Another amazing fact to note is that there are more than 1000 professionals across more than 30 countries who hold CBAP certification. The CBAP certification is rendered one of the most respected certifications for business professionals.

Let’s look at what a CBAP is and why you should get CBAP certified.

Who is a CBAP?

CBAP or Certified Business Analyst Professional is a business analyst who has earned the CBAP certification. The CBAP certification is issued by IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis on qualifying for the CBAP certification exam. You can earn this certification if you have enough experience in business analysis and also expertise in determining the business requirements of an organization.

To bring maximum benefits to the organization, you should be capable of providing the best business solutions. System analysis and business analysis are the best and most suited for CBAP certification.

The CBAP credential is a professional certification meant specifically for business analysts. This program is meant for professionals with massive business knowledge and good experience in the practical business world.

You can earn a CBAP certification if you are:

  • A business pro with significant experience in Business Analysis
  • A Business professional with a CCBA certification
  • A Product Manager
  • Trainer
  • Non-BA Consultant
  • Hybrid business analysis professionals may include Quality Assurance Professionals, Testers, Project managers, Web Designers, Change/Transformation Managers

Eligibility Criteria for CBAP

To get CBAP Certified, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Possess a minimum of 7500 hours of work experience in Business Analysis in the last ten years
  • Possess a minimum of 900 hours that are completed in four of the six BABOK Guide Knowledge Areas within this experience, for a total of minimum 3600 of the required total of 7500 hours
  • Possess a minimum of 35 hours of Professional Development experience in the past four years
  • Agree to terms and conditions defined by BABOK Guide
  • Provide two references that may be from a colleague, career manager, client, or CBAP recipient
  • Agree to the code of conduct
  • Pass the CBAP Certification exam

While Business Analysts have a great scope across the world, they are still recommended to earn a CBAP certification. Below are the reasons penned down for getting a CBAP certification.

Why Should a Business Professional get CBAP Certification?

Some of the strong reasons for getting a CBAP certification added to your resume are:

1.Building General Perspective

When you prepare for CBAP certification, you learn different approaches to solving a single problem, thereby broadening your horizons of intellect.

The certification validates that you are well versed with the techniques involved in business analysis. The guidelines you learn in business analysis processes are applicable anywhere and everywhere.

2. Career Advancement and Huge Salaries

You can get an instant salary hike with a CBAP certification. Apart from the information and experience you possess, you work on crucial industrial projects and programs which open doors of opportunities for you, and that too with great packages.

3. Consistent with all phases of Business Analysis

When you go through training for the CBAP certification exam, you come across hands-on projects and practical experience with business analysis processes. Some of the training programs, such as that of Simplilearn, prepare you in and out with the concepts of business analysis.

You learn the ways of leveraging the business analytics tools and techniques, managing various operations, carrying out the procedures, and go through know-how about everything involved in Business Analysis.

4. Broadly Perceived for Sustainable Learning

A CBAP certification serves as a testimonial to prove that you possess the skills and knowledge required for business analysis. Business analysis forms the core of every organization’s work. As a Business Analyst, with your technical and strategic skills, you can improve their current scenario and help them identify their position in the market as compared to their competitors.

5. Commitment to the Industry

A CBAP certification validates your knowledge, experience, and competencies as a highly efficient business analyst professional. It showcases your dedication to your career as well as the profession of business analysis.

6. Use the Language of a Business Analyst Professional

While going through CBAP training and certification you acquire skills to broadcast complex BA ideas and thoughts in a format that is understandable to everyone. The role of a BA is critical to an organization.

Other advantages of getting a CBAP certification are job satisfaction, a testimonial that proves your dedication and commitment, becoming a member in a legitimate proficient group, commitment to the industry, and growth in terms of salary as well as the designation.


Now that you are acquainted with the strong reasons to get certified with CBAP, here is the one-stop solution for preparation.

Take up an online training course from an accredited institute. This is one of the most feasible ways of preparing for the certification exam. This is because most of the courses allow you to schedule your learning hours according to your convenience, train you through industry experts, make you gain expertise in the concepts of Business Analysis, and conduct doubt sessions at the end. It makes you go hands-on with some industry projects and provide training via an enterprise-class learning management system.

Also, some of the best courses provide career guidance too.

Enroll Yourself Now!

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