Why Divorce May Create More Issues Than It Resolves?

You two seem to be in a constant state of argument lately. The law offices of Foothill Ranch Family Law Because of your constant bickering, spending time together is out of the question. But when you’re no longer in the same physical space, that ceases to exist. Your immediate thought is that divorce will solve all your problems. To what extent, though, would you say that?

One should exercise caution before concluding that a divorce will solve all of a couple’s problems. Divorce is rarely a panacea, and it usually creates more difficulties than it resolves. Why? Given that the majority of marital conflicts have nothing to do with the couple’s intimate connection. It’s a problem between the two of them.

  • Misleading Connection

By the time most couples decide to divorce, major disagreements have long ago passed. They have progressed to petty squabbling, however. Conflict becomes institutionalised in their daily lives.

The problem with fighting with your partner is that it’s hard to do it when you barely see one other. Obviously, this poses a fascinating dilemma for broken-up couples. They might try to patch things up by spending a few months apart. However, they could end up mistaking correlation for causation.

That misconception arises from attributing the resolution of their marital issues to their decision to separate. Since they don’t argue as often as they used to, they figure divorce is their best option. They fail to see that once the divorce process starts, their arguments will likely restart.

  • Problems With Custody Of children

According to ABM Family Law, a Chicago divorce law firm, child custody disputes often become the most contentious part of a divorce. Parents who are already at odds with one another often treat their children like objects and battle bitterly over custody. There is a risk that one or both parents will use the other as a weapon by employing the children they share.

In such circumstances, not only have the parents resumed their bickering, but they are now using the kids as bargaining chips in their dispute. Kids are already reeling from their parents’ breakup, and now their bickering is making things worse for them emotionally and psychologically. Most parents argue about their children right up until they become adults.

  • Difficulties With Money

Finances can be a sore spot in a divorce, and conflicts over them are common. Arguments arise when partners try to divide up their possessions. They argue over who should keep the car and the house. Investments, retirement funds, etc., could likewise become a source of contention.

One spouse could, worst case scenario, empty the couple’s joint bank account without informing the other. When one partner runs out of money, that’s when they find out the other closed the joint account.

Divorcing partners often behave cruelly against one another during the process. Either one of you will do something drastic, like shutting a joint account or racking up a massive credit card charge, before the other of you recognises it’s time to remove the ex as an authorised user.

Consequences For Future Interpersonal Connections

Child custody, child support, and grandparent visiting are just some of the issues that arise after a divorce. However, there is an additional, unspoken risk: harm to future relationships.

An individual’s desire to prioritise their own interests can be traced back to the origin of many relationship issues. Can a person get divorced and then suddenly become more selfless? What are the odds that a married couple who has tried everything would finally find someone with whom they can build a happy life together?

Divorce has always been a feature of human culture. Could that be viewed as a positive development? It’s debatable whether or not that is true. Divorce is not a magic bullet that will solve all your issues, that much is certain. It frequently causes as many problems as it resolves.

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