What Is The Best Fabric To Choose When Buying Couch Covers

One of the biggest concerns you may face when buying a couch Linen duvet cover is picking the right fabric. The types of fabrics can leave you spoiled for choices bit you need to focus on the right option and select the fabric you prefer. The first question you need to ask when buying a couch cover is whether the fabric is suitable for heavy, medium or light use.

  • The man-made fabrics last longer and are sturdier than the natural options.
  • A blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon is suitable for family couch.
  • For homes with small children and pets, a combination of viscose, leather, and other fabrics can meet your needs.
  • If you prefer a luxurious look, you can check covers made from chenille.
  • For living areas with heavy traffic, you must avid heavy textures or prints as they may wear out easily due to excessive use.
  • For high-used couches, woven patterns on the fabrics are going to last longer.

Weave of the fabric:

Before you move ahead to get the best fabric for your couch cover, remember to check the weaving threads. Make sure the weave is tight as it makes the cover dens and durable when compared with the loose-fitting fabrics.

  • Linen is an appropriate material that you can easily drape on the couch, and although the threads may not have the kind of tight weave and heavy weight, they can elegantly draped on the sofa for the best look.
  • Twill has a tight weave comprising cotton and the benefit of using it as a couch cover is its machine washable feature. It is a great choice for a couch with removable cushion covers.
  • Velvets come with tighter weave and the upright threads create a soft texture and when blended with polyester, the resultant material becomes less vulnerable to wear and tear.Visit Here: easysolution24

Acrylic and polyester fabrics:

If you prefer synthetic materials for couch cover, acrylic and polyester are good choices.

  • The synthetic materials so not have the breathability and lack the soft texture of the natural fabrics, but they have some distinct advantages.
  • The threads in synthetic fibers are not prone to breakage like the natural fabrics and are more durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain.
  • You can also look for a blend of cotton and synthetic fabrics to get a more luxurious feeling without compromising the durability and softness.

If you plan to place the furniture under direct sunlight, you can avoid natural fabrics as couch covers as they tend to fade easily. For people suffering from allergies, microfiber is a good choice as it does not attract dirt and dust. On the other hand, for homes with pets and kids, stain resistant fabrics are excellent for sofa covers, such as vinyl and distressed leather.

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Price of the fabric:

You can explore a variety of fabrics when choosing a couch cover but the price points my create concern. The price of the fabric depends on various factors, such as the weave, tightness, and threads used during construction. If you want a more durable fabric for the couch cover, prepare to shell out a bit more for log-lasting quality.

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