What are the most common reasons for car accidents in 2021-22?

In most cases, car accidents are unavoidable. Nevertheless, unless they understand the most common reasons and causes of car accidents, they will find it tough to prevent them. There are a few reasons that are more obvious than the others like drinking and driving, and there are some others that aren’t too popular. 

Many are aware that texting while driving is not legal in several states of the US but they still do it when it gets necessary. Hence, distracted driving becomes yet another cause of car accidents. While the car accident attorneys Los Angeles are there to help you out during such situations, you should still understand the causes in order to be able to prevent them. 

  • Inattentive driving

Right at the top of the list is inattentive driving as this is the primary cause of car accidents in America. Despite being a well-recognized issue, it is getting worse day by day. Inattentive driving comprises (but isn’t limited to) operating other gadgets while driving, or texting during driving, driving with loud music, eating and driving, speaking with backseat passengers while driving, and much more. Be smart while you sit behind the wheel and keep your senses alert.

  • DUI or Driving Under Influence

Driving under Influence of alcohol or any other substance is the second most common reason behind car accidents. This was one of the top-most reasons for accidents but thanks to GPS devices, cell phones, tablets, and drunk driving campaigns that it has descended the list. You should stay sober when you’re driving. Even if you drink out, take an Uber rather than drive on your own. 

  • Speeding

If you think ‘everyone speeds’, this is not a worthy reason to drive at high speeds. Speed limits are given for a specific reason. They have been created to give you adequate time to break for other card or road obstacles. If you’re driving at a speed of 60 at a 30 lane, you might not stop at a red light on time. Hence, it is always advised to follow a specific speed limit, no matter what.

  • Not stopping at red lights

Just as drunk driving, not stopping at red lights is yet another reason behind the sudden rise in car accidents. The meaning of red is STOP and it won’t ever mean anything else. Whenever the light is red, this means that the car is supposed to stop. If you rush past through a red traffic light, there are high chances that you’ll hit someone else. 

  • Driving while feeling drowsy

Research shows that driving when you’re tired is equally dangerous to driving while drinking. When you are overtired, this can impair your time of reaction, your judgment, and can also mess with your vision. Hence, if you feel sleepy, stop your car and take a nap. 

So, if you’re trying to avoid car accidents, you should avoid making the above-listed blunders to stay safe. The US sees nearly six million road accidents every year. Don’t be a part of it. 

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