What are the Most Common Criminal Charges in London, Kentucky?

It’s not uncommon for law enforcement in London, KY, to charge individuals for driving under the influence and possessing drugs. But there are also a variety of other criminal charges common in this area. If you are accused of any criminal charges, it is essential to take the case to a London, Kentucky law office and speak to a criminal lawyer who can explain what the possible charges are and how they might affect your life. 

Criminal charges are potentially life-altering and should not be taken lightly by anyone. Whenever a prosecutor files charges against you, a criminal lawyer can help you understand what they are, how they may affect you and your family, and how your case may be resolved.

Let us now see the most common criminal charges in London, Kentucky.

  • Assault

Assault is defined in part as the unlawful attempt to do violence to another person by using physical force or violence towards another individual. If you are charged with an assault in London, KY, you will likely be faced with charges of 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault (depending upon the circumstances involved). The possible penalties for 1st Degree Assault include a minimum of up to 20 years incarceration in Kentucky State Prison or fines up to $500,000.

  • Drug possession

Drugs and drug paraphernalia charges are common in London, KY. Possession of a controlled substance is referred to as drug possession and distribution. The penalties for possessing a controlled substance can vary from simple paraphernalia charges to felony convictions and incarceration for up to 10 years in Kentucky State Correctional Institution.

  • Driving under influence

This is the act of operating a vehicle when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.  The penalties for a DUI 1st offense, DUI 2nd offense, and DUI 3rd offense can include mandatory drug education courses, attendance at an interlock program, or required participation with substance abuse treatment programs.

  • Internet crimes

Examples of internet crimes include computer crimes, cyberstalking, and hacking. These types of crimes can include identity theft, fraud, computer hacking, or releasing viruses. Internet crimes in London, KY are becoming more common. If you are charged with an internet crime, your attorney can help you build a defense strategy and present your case to the prosecutor for review.

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