What Are Chin Fillers? Why Should I Choose Them?

We all love to have a well-defined chine like those models we see on magazine covers. But not everyone is that lucky to have a prominent and well-defined chin.

Now, with the help of scientifically approved chin fillers in Melbourne, you can even have a well-defined chin and jawline that makes your face look youthful and more attractive.

What are chin fillers?

Chin fillers can be defined as a special type of dermal fillers that are administered to the specific areas of the chin underneath the skin to provide a proper shape and structure to the chin. The filler ingredient is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid, a biological compound found naturally in the body in our skin.

As you age, the quantity of hyaluronic acid found in the facial skin greatly reduces which accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin – the protein-rich building blocks of healthy skin tissues. These vital proteins provide elasticity and volume to the skin. Without these protein-rich substances, your facial skin loses its volume and elasticity. As a result, it becomes loose. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the skin which makes your skin look saggy and aged.

Special TGA & FDA approved hin fillers in Melbourne work to replace this loss of volume in the facial skin, and, provide a proper shape and structure to your facial features including the chin. Your facial skin is rejuvenated with the added dose of hyaluronic acid; it becomes tighter, smoother and gives a youthful facial appearance.

Top reasons to choose hyaluronic chin fillers?

To begin with chin fillers in the most preferred method for both men and women to achieve a prominent well-defined chin and jawline. The other top reasons to choose chin dermal fillers include:

Balance the asymmetry

Proper facial symmetry is essential for an attractive facial appearance. However, not everyone is blessed with a perfectly symmetrical face. Facial asymmetry is when the facial features on one side are not that balanced with the facial features on the other side.

For a few people, this asymmetry could drain their self-confidence and make them feel low about themselves. With the help of chin fillers in Melbourne, you could balance the asymmetry in your chin, give it a proper shape and structure, which make your face more proportional, attractive and youthful.

For best chin filler treatment results, the procedure has to be conducted by a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic physician, with TGA & FDA approved premium filler products and equipment and under controlled circumstances.

Positive chin augmentation results are visible within a few days post-treatment. The chin filler doses are prescribed in stages to achieve the desired shape for your chin. Therefore, you need to undergo 2 or 3 treatment sessions to achieve a perfect chin and jawline.

Filling the chin dimple

Some people find chin dimples cute while others find them annoying and want to get rid of them. Chin dermal filler is the best solution for those haters who want to get rid of their chin dimple. Dimples usually appear due to contraction in the specific muscles in the cheek or chin area. The hollowness in the chin, which causes the dimples, could be filled with premium chin dermal fillers. This will balance the contours of the chin and add to its symmetry. Some more quantities of chin fillers will further add proper definition to the chin and jawline, which will make your face more youthful and attractive.

Chin filler treatment is the best procedure to smoothen the tiny hollows in the skin, replace lost skin volume, give proper shape and structure to your facial features,  and achieve a radiant and youthful appearance.

Achieve a well defined overall chin and jawline

The chin and the jawline work like an anchor to the face. They cement the overall beauty and attractiveness of the face. A well-defined chin and jawline make the face look even more attractive. However, with age, the facial skin loses its volume and elasticity, which impacts the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. The skin becomes loose and saggy, which impacts the appearance of your jawline and the chin becomes less prominent.

Chin fillers in Melbourne can help to add volume to your loose chin and give it a proper structure. The cosmetic physician will first examine your facial skin around the chin and jawline, and then prescribe the appropriate dose of chin fillers for your chin and jawline treatment.

These chin fillers can make your chin more prominent and add proper definition to your jawline. Both masculine and feminine jawline proportions could be achieved with appropriate doses of chin fillers.

Chin fillers in Melbourne is a secure and swift cosmetic procedure with very minimal or no long term side effects and no downtime. You could go back to your daily routine almost immediately post the procedure. Plus, the positive results are long-lasting.

To consult an experienced cosmetic physician on chin fillers in Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

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