Ways to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

Blind spots are one of the leading factors that cause dangerous motorcycle accidents. This is because of the vehicle size difference, as bikes are smaller and more challenging to identify than cars. Crashes occur when drivers fail to see motorcycle riders in blind spots. These crashes often lead to severe injuries to motorcyclists and even death in some cases. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to seek legal help if you are a victim of a motorcycle accident.

Blind Spots

Blind spots are those around a vehicle where the driver cannot see or identify any potential dangers. Blind spots are present in all types of vehicles. Their area is significantly larger than big vehicles—drivers who take turns or change lanes in the way of a motorcycle rider cause life-threatening crashes. greatofmining

Automobile drivers and motorcyclists can prevent blind spot accidents by following these safety measures.

Tips for Automobile drivers

The drivers should make sure to adjust the rearview mirror properly and check that the rear window is framed. The side view mirrors must be pointing towards the blind spot to prevent any crashes with motorcycle riders. alinaimagine

  • The driver should always look properly before changing lanes or merging their vehicle with traffic, ensuring no vehicles are in the way.
  • They should always use their blinkers to signal their next movement to other drivers and motorcyclists on the road.
  • Along with the previously mentioned tips, the drivers must be alert regarding other motorists driving in their blind spot area.

Tips for Motorcycle riders

Even though most accidents are due to the carelessness of automobile drivers, motorcycle riders must take efficient measures to stay safe. The motorcyclists have more at stake as compared to the drivers. They will likely be severely injured after the accident, while the drivers may get scratched. To maintain their safety, they must do the following things.

  • The driver must avoid riding on the side of the vehicles. Instead, they must ride in front or back of the cars as the blind spots of a car include the left and right rear. To be on the safe side, avoid the blind spot areas and try to stay away from them.
  • Motorcyclists should practice defensive driving and be completely aware of the area ahead. They should try to drive at a distance from the vehicles to give themselves enough space. This also helps in gaining more reaction time in the event of a probable collision.
  • The motorcyclists should wear brightly colored clothing to make themselves visible to the other motorists on the road. Doing so is extremely helpful during the night as poor lighting results in accidents due to a lack of visibility.
  • The motorcycle riders should keep their headlights on regardless of the time or area. This helps in the improvement of visibility and decreases crashes to a significant extent.

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