Top Reasons for Retail Businesses to Use Window Graphics

One of the biggest challenges for small retailers is advertising their presence to their target audiences. Their scale of operation does not permit them to use expensive advertising methods, and it is easy for potential customers to overlook their presence when they are passing by due to the clutter of signage and multiple distractions. However, by using decals they can transform their store windows into a giant advertisement that can grab eyeballs from a distance and drive footfalls essential for clocking up sales. A quick look at some of the main benefits of using advertising decals on your store window:

Affordable Method of Advertising

The most compelling reason to use decals on your store window is the sheer affordability of advertising your brand, products, and services. The low cost per impression is due to several factors. Firstly, you don’t need to pay anything for the space because it is your own shop’s window. Secondly, the cost of designing and printing the decals is low. You can fix the decals by yourself without needing any special expertise or tools. The number of people passing by your storefront is large, and the decals have a long life. You also do not need to apply for any special permits to display the decals on your window.

Completely Customizable

The beauty of window decals is that you can advertise whatever you like in any way you want. They are as good for announcing end-of-season sales promotions or announcing the launch of new products and services as they are for informing any change of hours of business, running teaser campaigns on impending product launches, and more. You can use pictures, illustrations, or other kinds of graphics to draw the attention of potential customers. You can also customize your text messages as per your specific needs. Your imagination is the only constraint in designing window stickers.

Build Brand Memorability 

Decals on your windows are ideal for supporting your branding exercise on other media and locations. For example, using the same graphics on your digital and social media campaigns will reinforce your brand so that when people pass by your store, they will immediately connect the online advertisements to your storefront decal. With repetitive associations, they will start believing and trusting your brand more. According to Feedough, brand recall refers to the instant recollection of the brand by customers.

Leverages Idle Assets

The great thing about advertising with window graphics is that you do not need to invest anything extra at all. You own the window, and all you need to do is understand its potential for elevating your brand visibility and driving footfalls into your store. Transforming your store window with an attractive decal is much more useful than displaying merchandise that can only be seen by people up and close to the window.


Installing window graphics is a good way of raising your brand profile and driving sales in your retail outlet. They are versatile, fully customizable, and work hard to boost your brand image and business reputation. People notice them more when passing or driving by because they are at eye level and easily grab attention.

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