Top 8 Games That Will Pay You Real Cash In 2022

Gamers spend most of their free time playing online games. What if you could make some real cash, while you de-stress and entertain yourself? This is now quite easily possible.

It’s not too difficult now, especially with a wide variety of gaming options steaming in. Here’s a list of a few fantastic games that you’d love to play online and earn some side income.

Online Rummy

The number one entertaining game on the list is online rummy. The card game is widely popular among Indians who played it while growing up. Sign up on to enjoy varying levels of online rummy games — both, for beginners and experts. Classic Rummy hosts thousands of games with millions of players always playing and winning cash.

What’s more, Classic Rummy also offers the facility of instant cash withdrawal so that you could withdraw and enjoy your earnings instantly. With several options like 13 Card Rummy, 21 Card Rummy, Gin Rummy & Points Rummy, head over to Classic Rummy now to enjoy and win your favorite Rummy games.

Fantasy Cricket

The perfect game for sports enthusiasts, Fantasy Cricket has gained much popularity among players who cannot step out to play with their friends in the current COVID-19 scenario. If you have the skills and the knowledge about players, team formation, and technicalities, you will enjoy playing this game and earn cash too. You need to form teams after the lineups are announced and use your knowledge to pick the players, captain, and vice-captain! You probably need a hint of luck too in this game to form a winning team.

Websites like Dream11, howzat, My11Circle offer you the opportunity to win real cash while enjoying the game. So, enjoy your sport, and win cash while playing your favorite sport.


Poker is perhaps one of the most popular card games worldwide which is also now widely enjoyed in the online cash format. Poker is a game that requires players to possess mathematical and strategic skills to make the right move and play the correct hand. For card games and poker, players should be able to make the best of the cards which are dealt to them to win.

PokerBaazi is India’s number one poker website that offers players real cash winnings. It offers various formats of poker — such as Texan Hold-em Poker, Pot-limit Omaha Poker, Open-face Chinese Poker. If you’re a beginner, there are a bunch of tutorials to get started. Cash withdrawal of winnings at PokerBaazi is easy, safe, and convenient.

8 Ball Pool

The perfect game for pool lovers, 8 Ball Pool is very popular in India. It is the biggest multiplayer pool game. The game is simple to play for anyone who has ever played video games as a child – set your shot power by clicking the left mouse button, then drag the pool cue away from the direction you’re aiming just like in a real pool game and release to strike.

You could play 8 Ball Pool in the on-to-one or multiplayer format. To win cash, play 8-ball pool competitive games with real money against real players. A small entry fee is charged for cash games. It is best to first practice in tutorials and play practice games to improve your skills to increase your chances of winning.


Quiz enthusiasts need not be disheartened when it comes to testing their skills and making money. Several platforms offer quiz shows in the very popular KBC format — Loco being a very popular one.

Loco hosts real-time quizzes where a host asks players 10 multiple choice questions, offers them ‘lives’ to come back into the game if they are eliminated, and players win cash for the right answers. The best part, cash prizes are instantly credited into the players’ Paytm accounts.

Quereka and WinZo are the other popular quiz apps for you if quizzing is what you enjoy.


Carrom is a widely loved indoor game. It’s quite intriguing that the fun elements of aiming and striking are now available in the online, multi-player format. Unlike the traditional game, which required you to be home and own a carrom board, the online version can be played anywhere, anytime with your friends and family of any age group. Carrom is purely a skill-based game where the more you play, the more you win.

Apps like Carrom Clash, PayTm First Games offer carrom for cash. Play on these websites to earn PayTM cash and withdraw it instantly.


During the lockdown, Ludo made a comeback giving people the opportunity to de-stress, bond with their friends, and make a bit of cash. Ludo is a simple dice game, where you roll the dice, move forward and the first one to reach the goal wins. Playing Ludo successfully requires strategy and observation to observe their opponents’ moves and plan your moves accordingly.

Websites like LudoKing, LudoFantasy, Ludoempire allow players to compete in the multi-player format. With the advent of these websites, people can play online ludo anytime and with anyone around the world.


Perhaps one of the oldest online card games, Solitaire has now been revamped with an opportunity to earn cash. Playing solitaire for cash online is simple. A single-player card game, it consists of 52 playing cards — some of which are downward facing cards and the others upward facing. The objective is to create a board of cards in proper sequence. Doing so successfully with minimum moves earns the player the highest points. Even though Solitaire is simple, it requires a fair bit of strategy, memory, and agility.

Play solitaire for cash on Solitaire Master, Solitaire Cash, or Solitaire Gold and put your Solitaire skills to good use.

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