Top 5 Video Editing Software to Use While Making Training Videos

Video is the most effective way of communicating messages and knowledge to the audience. Training videos are a kind which is not just preferred by educational sectors but frequently used by corporate industry to train and educate their employees.

Training videos are beneficial to train employees and collectively increase the organization’s productivity. The main goal of the training videos is to educate the audience and help people learn to know how to do something correctly.

Well, employee training videos are a little different than other training videos. The purpose of the employee training videos is to teach the employee how to be more productive for their organization and what practices they should follow to accomplish certain milestones or execute specific tasks accurately.

Now you know what training videos are, but if you still want to explore how many types of training and tutorial videos are, then check out instructional videos – the ultimate guide.

List of Best Video Editing Software for Training Videos

It’s intimidating to start from scratch with video software, especially if you’ve never done it before. However, with a bit of help, anyone can edit videos.

We have created a list of some of our top favorite video editing software. After reading this, you’ll be making jaw-dropping training videos in no time.

So without any delay, let’s begin!


It is an online video editing tool that provides free, fast, and instant screen recording. Screen-o-Matic is beneficial for both the newbies and the professionals.

It is so simple to use; all you have to do is visit the website and click on “Start Recording,” and done. It does not just allow you to record the screen but let you record yourself with the help of the camera simultaneously.


  • Free software.
  • No registration is required.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Direct uploading and downloading option.


  • Require Java installed and updated in the system.
  • Need internet to perform tasks.
  • Features unlock to PRO at $15 per year.
  • You can not record more than 15 minutes in the free trial.
  • Limited features.


While making and editing a video, many software designed for skilled editors may not be the ideal choice for a novice.

If you’re just getting started with video editing, you’ll want to look for software that has a straightforward, user-friendly interface that follows a logical progression. Apple’s iMovie comes to the rescue.

The iMovie provides professional features with an easy-to-learn interface, making iMovie the best choice for beginners.

You can create live-action videos, screen-recording, and slideshow animation for training purposes.


  • It is free to use.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface to beginners.
  • Various special effects and themes.
  • Customize elements.
  • Easy uploading and sharing.


  • Only facilitate the Mac users.


If you think of an instant video-making tool, Lumen5 is the name that stricks the mind. It is best for the newbies who are new in video making and editing.

There are four ways through which you can create your training videos: a script, uploading media, a blog, or from Lumen5’s templates.

Suppose you have a lengthy document that is very dull and boring to read. To make it captivating and compelling, all you have to do is upload it on the Lumen5, which will convert the text into an attractive video.

With the use of machine learning, Lumen5 automates editing and creates an eye-catching video quickly. The Lumen5 algorithmically determines the slideshow duration depending on the quantity of the text in each slide.

The AI system of Lumen5 determines the right visual and audio to accompany the input text. You can also add the CTAs and downloadable to your videos.

You can use Lumen5 to create slideshow animation to highlight the key features of a system or product and add basic animation to display quick tips and short information.


  • Lumen5 has a free version too.
  • Easy to learn with minimal effort.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • Ready-to-use templates are available.
  • Music library is also available.
  • Various formats are available.


  • If you create videos in the free version, all the videos will be watermarked with an extra Lumen5 branded slide.
  • In the free version, you can only make capped videos.
  • You have limited styling and customization in Lumen5.
  • Limited time and delay in caption and scenes.
  • Limited features and accessibilities.
  • You can use it on the desktop only.

Final Cut Pro

If you are a professional video maker and editor, then Final Cut Pro is the best for your video project. While making a video, a nice flow is very important, but sometimes a project needs some extra glamor, and Final Cut Pro is a software that is a master in that “extra glamor”.

Final Cut Pro is a tool that has a wide range of features that can fulfill all your need for a video maker and editor. It is considered as one of the best video editing software that helps you create high-quality videos.

If you are a master of iMovie, Final Cut Pro is the next step for you. With Final Cut Pro, you can make live-action videos, customer interaction videos, screen recordings, slideshow animation, basic and advanced animation.


  • Final Cut Pro is a professional video-making tool.
  • You can perform trackless non-linear video editing.
  • You can do seamless video editing on Final Cut Pro.
  • Handle 360-Degree VR.
  • Organized assets.
  • Title in 2D & 3D animation.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Best color grading.
  • Fast project delivery.


  • Only available for Mac users.
  • $299 license required.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is another popular video editing and animation software in the market. This non-linear video editing method offers numerous advantages. The tool’s user interface gives you the freedom to work efficiently on your videos.

This tool allows you to edit and customize your training videos in great detail. Adobe Premiere Pro will enable you to modify your videos and produce high-quality results easily.

If you already have a complete Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you can use Premiere Pro too.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro produces professional-quality videos.
  • It performs non-linear editing.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro has a responsive user interface.
  • It also supports VR.
  • It has an adaptive design.
  • It supports multiple file formats.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows both.


  • £97/month license required.
  • Challenging for beginners.

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