Top 5 Crucial Skills for Clerical Work

Managing an office might be a challenge, but it requires many skills to do the office work. That’s the time when clerical work is valued and appreciated. Many skills are needed from the employee to complete all the clerical work and eliminate any obstacles to smooth office operation. 

Continue reading to find out what clerical work is and the skills required for completing office tasks. 

What is Clerical work?

Before we move on to the skills required for clerical work, let’s find out what it is. Clerical work refers to the organization of office work and the completion of administrative tasks. Most of the time, clerks and secretaries have a daily dose of clerical work to complete. 

It is a non-ending cycle, but that does not mean that you can not stay home when sick. In these cases, you can prepare some documents in advance or do it from home and ask your colleagues to print, scan files, or confirm appointments on your behalf. 

Skills you need

As we already covered the primary duties of clerical work, here is a list of the top 5 crucial skills for doing clerical work. 

Computer literacy

As clerical work suggests filling documents, printing, scanning, faxing, and several other related tasks, it is essential to be computer literate. You should know how to use a laptop, create files and make adjustments to those, save, send them to print or scan, attach printers or scanners and fix minor errors related to the machines. 

There are no difficulties in this, but if you intend to work as a clerk or secretary, you need to become proficient in the tasks mentioned above. 

Mathematical thinking

Some clerks and secretaries are also requested to complete some numerical tasks. Therefore having basic mathematical skills is essential. Although using accounting software or relying on the help of the accounting team is an option, as your boss may assign a quick numerical task, it is good to be able to complete it. 

Indeed, you will not be asked to know applied mathematics, but basic math skills will be appreciated. 


When being in charge of running the office smoothly, having excellent organizational skills will be unavoidable. As a clerk, you will be required to prioritize the tasks and deliver those in a logical order and a timely manner. 

You will most probably be responsible for bookkeeping, documenting, and monitoring. Therefore, you will need to advance your organization skills of better keeping your own books, proper documenting, and sorting. 


As part of your daily tasks, you will need to be detail-oriented. Clerks and secretaries usually complete dozens of tasks, and sometimes they have to be extra quick. With the high pace, you will need to be more attentive to details and make sure no pitfalls happen at your watch. 


Having excellent communication skills is another advantageous asset for clerks and secretaries. As you will be required to complete a wide variety of calls to partners, organize business trips, or communicate with several company departments, owning proper communication skills is appreciated. 

Wrapping up 

Clerical work requires a vast number of skills. The most significant ones include excellent communication and organization skills and being detail-oriented. Apart from the mentioned soft skills, you will need to have some hard skills, such as computer literacy and basic math skills. With these essential skills, you will start your clerical work with more confidence and later be able to extend your skills. 

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