The Advantages of Installing Heated Floors in Your Home 

Have you ever walked barefoot on a cold tile floor during the winter months? It can be a chilling experience that makes you wish you had a pair of slippers on hand at all times. But, with heated floors, that problem can be a thing of the past. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they carry many other benefits as well. Let’s delve into how installing heated floors in your home is advantageous.

Lower Energy Costs

Heated floors are responsible for providing warmth to your feet as well as the entire room, making them a more efficient way of heating your home than traditional heating systems that only heat the air. Because heated floors are operated under lower temperatures but can still warm up the room effectively, they consume significantly less energy, decreasing your energy bills. 

Increased Comfort

Aside from merely warming your feet or the room, heated floors create a higher level of comfort in your home. The warmth they provide feels natural and more gentle than other heating systems. The heat is evenly distributed from the floor upwards, so you will no longer need to deal with cold spots in the house. 

Reduced Allergies

Heated floors create convection currents that allow the entire room to be heated gently. This gentle warmth flow circulation eliminates the possibility of air pockets that might otherwise create allergies in the home. Furthermore, as a result of the reduced air movement, the amount of circulating dust and allergens also drops, contributing to a healthier environment. 

Improved Resale Value

Heated floors nearly always increase the resale value of a home. Buyers are drawn to the idea of walking barefoot in the cold months without having to put on slippers or socks. By upgrading your flooring system, you are enhancing the beauty, luxury, and longevity of the residence. Thus, the resale value of the home automatically goes up when heated floors are present.

Easy Maintenance

Heated floors are effortless to maintain because they have no moving parts like radiators, air-handling units, filters or furnace fans that need to be checked and monitored. Unlike traditional heating systems, the only maintenance required is to make sure that the systems are kept clean and well-managed. 


Heated floors have many benefits and can help increase your comfort while providing warmth to your home. With the understanding that heated flooring is energy-efficient, low maintenance, allergy-reducing, and a value-upgrade for your home, it’s an investment like no other. If you are looking to add greater comfort, energy-saving, and beauty to your living space, it is time to consider the option of installing heated floors in your home. Always make sure to call a professional like Clean Air Heating & Cooling for the best results! 

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