Scented Lotions for Teenage Girls

Hey little girl! You can pamper yourself through inexpensive ways by using body and hand lotions. Sometimes your skin is suffering from itching, dryness, excessive oils, and blemishes. All you have to do is use a lotion that suits you and your skin type. To prevent dullness and drying these lotions seal moisture in your skin. Along with other dried areas, it softens your knee and elbow leaving a smooth and silky touch. If you apply it regularly then lotions will do a lot of wonders on your skin like dehydration. 

The scaly and unattractive skin will be revived as it is a baby skin. Every season leaves a great impact on your skin, if it comes to winter it makes your skin chapped and rough. A quality body lotion will supple your skin and hydrate it. You can apply it after body wash to make your skin extra smooth.

You must try a body massage with scented lotion to make you relax and provide a pleasant feeling. If you may have developed calluses and is slightly painful treat it with lotion. body lotion can give you youthful skin removing the dead cells. Have a look at some of the beneficial lotions. 

1-24-Hour Moisture Skin Care

Say goodbye to chapped and dry skin! This lotion will nourish your hands and body providing a calming effect. It contains solar musk, lush hibiscus, and creamy coconut giving a warm and sun-kissed fragrance. The components of the lotions are nongreasy and lightweight on the skin. with all-day hydration, there is no sticky residue or heaviness left after applying. Apply this fast-absorbing lotion at night and day on your skin covering the rough and dry areas. It is formulated with 7 nourished oils and shea butter to moisturize the skin. A blend of shea butter and shea oil provides a protection barrier for skin. This is good for burns, eczema and dermatitis conditions also. Moisturize and hydrate your skin by choosing your favourite lotion from  Amazon promo code KSA.

2-Advanced Therapy Lotion

Advanced therapy lotion is formulated with vitamin E and vitamin B5, proceramide that is perfect for hypoallergic patients. It moisturizes the skin and strengthens it. This lotion is clinically and dermatologically tested. This daily body and hand moisturizer nourishes the skin with free parabens, dyes and phthalates. It transforms itchy and dry skin into resilient and healthier skin. It provides 24-hour moisture to lock into your skin. This bottle contains s 32 fluid ounces of lotion to strengthen extra dry skin.

3-Overnight Body & Face Lotion

Are you suffering from wrinkled skin with dry and rough patches? Then you must have this in your bag. It is specially designed to reduce the ageing sign due to the presence of gold. The mixture of gold and retinol helps to lift your skin, tighten it and give a youthful appearance. You just have to apply it at night and see the glowing and hydrating effect in just one week. This product is passed through some clinical trials for better results. An additional ingredient is the shea butter and cocoa powder that hydrates your skin for 24 hours. You can apply a thin film on your face and body at night time. 

4- Vitamin E Lotion

Vitamin E lotion heals dry skin with the presence of vitamin E oil in it. To combat dryness and irritated skin vitamin E lotion provides a cooling soothing and moisturizing effect. It is constituted with sunflower seed oil, wheat germ, aloe vera and vitamin A. The sunflower seed oil unclogs the pore and brighten your skin tone. Vitamin E protects your skin from sun rays and prevents anti-inflammatory effects. Now get your skin corrected by using this lotion day and night for good results.   This body lotion has a sweet fruity smell with the flip flop bottles carrying 16 fluid ounce lotion in it. 

5-Hydro Boost Hydrating Lotion

Hydro boost hydrating lotion is composed of hyaluronic acid to nourish thirsty skin. this lotion is made with an ultra-light formula and hyaluronic acid that is found naturally in your skin. it locks up moisture and is suitable for dry itchy skin. to make your skin feel moisturized and glowed it is clinically tested in laboratories. Your skin will look younger and healthier without leaving residues that may cause a greasy texture. This gel cream is free of parabens, alcohol and oils. The packing is in a pumping plastic container that is blue. You can use it every day and night as it is fast absorbing and boosts hydration. 

6-Orange Blossom Honey Lotion

Orange blossom honey lotion is made of sunflower seed oil, organic aloe vera, antioxidants and orange blossom. Honey and hyaluronic acid promote healthy and soft skin. To protect the skin from oxidative stress it is composed of white and green tea extracts. To support detoxification and damaged skin condition spirulina is added. No parabens, no propylene glycol, no mineral oil, no dyes, pigment, laureth sulphates. This comes in yellow and green attractive squeezable bottles with black tags in front.

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