Private Chef Brisbane Offers Dinner Party Experience At Home

For every special occasion, delicious food that savors the taste buds is vital. A private chef can deliver you delicious catering services so that you can enjoy the occasion and not worry about the food!

At Brisbane, special chef Robert Bousamara offers exciting home catering services for all kinds of occasions like a Hens party, Birthday party, Anniversary catering, and much more!! Services start from just $65 per head!! Hurry up and contact us to get the best catering experience!!

Experience Our Luscious Meals!

Robert as the Private Chef Brisbane is certain to deliver a lavish catering experience with our meals. We cater to groups of 2 to 14 people with our wide range of meals. We suggest a Lebanese meal for large groups of people.

1. Lebanese Feast 

In the Lebanese meal, there is the ‘mezza’ and the mains menu. It ranges about $65 to $85 per head with banquet style platters. We offer vegan options on special request. 

The ‘mezza’ consists of yummy hand-made items made from scratch and an informal setting for up to 12 includes five choices from the selection and two dips. We have a wide range of selections from which you can choose including:

  • Sambousik
  • Kibbeh balls
  • Lahem Mishwe (Lamb and chicken skewers)
  • Falafel
  • Kofta skewer
  • Tabouleh
  • Chicken rice
  • Fatayer
  • Lahem Bi Ahjeen. 

The main menu consists of a traditional home-cooked meal and a sitting for 12 people. It includes three starters from our selection, an optional dessert, and a coffee. You can choose any three items from the following: 

    • Oven Kibbe 
    • Fassoulia
    • Oven baked kofta
    • Arabian spiced slow cooked leg of lamb
    • Moroccan lamb
    • Lahem Mishwe (Lamb and chicken skewers)
    • Baked eggplant with lamb mince 
    • Kofta skewer
    • Ijie with lentil rice pilaf
  • Fresh Green beans with tomato
  • Tabouleh
  • Chicken rice
  • Fattoush
  • Wahruk ayrish (rolled grapevine leaves)
  • Kofta in tomato
  • Snapper in tahini sauce
  • Bemeh (okra bean and lamb)

Your options for table starters (dips) are: 

  • Hummus
  • Muhammara (spicy walnut dip)
  • Baba Ghanouj (smoky fire roasted eggplant dip)
  • Habanero and Capsicum cream cheese dip 
  • Lebanese flat bread

2. World Menu

  • This gives a full restaurant-style premium experience at the convenience of your home and is a great choice for 6 to 8 people. 
  • The range is around $150 to $175 per head.  
  • You can select an entree, a main course and a desert from a wide range of premium selections. 

3. Menu of the month

  • Changes monthly and Robert creates unique dishes from anywhere all across the world.
  • Costs $110 per head
  • Allows groups of 6 to 8 people

4. The feast

  • Perfect for foodies to taste traditional Lebanese food with all dishes hand-made at the convenience of your home. 
  • You get plenty of options to choose from 

Book us now!

Chef Robert is here to cater happily for all your occasions like:  

  • Birthday parties
  • Small weddings 
  • Small events and parties at homes and offices
  • Home parties
  • Hens parties
  • Bucks parties
  • Anniversary parties

 Contact us now for the best catering services in Brisbane!!


If you are looking for a caterer who provides authentic hand-made food directly from scratch and fresh ingredients, then Private Chef Brisbane is here to cater for all your special occasions. We provide a wide range of Lebanese dishes as per your budget and occasion. For large groups, we suggest trying out the ‘mezza’, which is reasonable and starts from just $65 per head. Chef Robert uses the freshest of ingredients and a unique palette of spices to deliver the most savory home-made dishes. 

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