Most Extraordinary Ways to Track Your International Cargo

When you’re transporting goods from one country to another, either by air freight or ocean freight, tracking the real-time location of your cargo is one of the most critical factors. When you use a proper tracking system, you will know the accurate location of your shipment. This will help you develop an appropriate strategy beforehand in case of any delays. When you know the precise information of your shipment, you can plan the following stages without any hesitation. Not to mention, tracking your international cargo will help you maintain your supply chain.

Continue reading the article to know more about the importance of real-time international container tracking.

On Your Air or Ocean Carrier’s Website

Almost all reputed cargo and shipping airlines offer great tracking methods on their respected websites. You can put the tracking number, and the website will provide you with the location of the cargo.

Ocean Container Tracking 

For sea container tracking, you need to enter some specific details about your shipment, and you will get the necessary location detail of the containers. You will also know the estimated date of arrival. However, the tracking system’s effectiveness depends on the freight forwarder company. Here are the things that will allow you to track your shipment:

  • Bill of Landing Number: The shipping carrier will issue this document. This document is necessary to move ocean freight shipments.
  • Container Number: Each container comes with a four-digit number that will help you track it.
  • Booking Number: The serves as the reservation number of your cargo. Upon booking your shipment, the freight forwarder will provide this document.

However, keep in mind that you need to visit and enter the credentials each time you track your containers. Therefore, this process is time-consuming. The container tracking tool of cosco tracking will help you track all containers in one place.

Air Cargo Tracking 

If you want to track your air cargo, you need to visit the track shipment section of the airline website to enter the AWB number. After putting in the credentials, you will know the details regarding your cargo’s air route and location.

The AWB number will serve as evidence of the contract during the shipment process. The AWB number is 11 digits and will serve as the identification of your assignment. As per Investopedia, AWB is a non-negotiable form.

AIS Vessel Tracking

The AIS is known as an Automated Identification System. This is one of the most effective shipments tracking systems in the logistics industry. Nowadays, most ships are equipped with an AIS vessel tracking system. This is why the AIS base station can track these ships. They can develop real-time photos of international shipping traffic.

GPS Tracking 

If you want to track your air or ocean shipment closely, you can attach a GPS device along with the container. These devices are highly effective at providing real-time location of your shipment. However, there are a couple of things you need to remember while using GPS tracking:

  • Some airline operators might not approve of GPS. Therefore, make sure you ask them before installing a GPS device.
  • The system is dependent on network and signal connectivity.
  • The material of GPS is Lithium-Ion, which is considered hazardous good for air travel.


These are some great ways to track your international shipment. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know.

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