iTop VPN Review

iTop VPN is free, it has some drawbacks but also a lot of good features. For instance, it doesn’t work in China, but it supporst torrenting and doesn’t store your IP address. Let’s have a look at this free VPN.

Doesn’t store IP addresses

VPN gratis doesn’t store your IP address, which is good news for people who are concerned about their privacy. The Hong Kong-based company doesn’t collect or store any information about you when you use their service. In fact, iTop’s servers are in an island nation, which is partially autonomous.

Moreover, it also has a kill switch that automatically cuts off your internet connection when your VPN service goes offline. This prevents accidental leaks of IP addresses and browsing data. Choosing the right VPN provider is a daunting task. However, iTop VPN has a reputation as being one of the most reliable VPN services out there.

Support torrenting

Another great feature of iTop VPN is its torrenting support. Some people may find this feature useful, but it’s illegal in many countries, and your internet service provider may report you if they find out about your torrenting activities. In addition to torrenting, iTop VPN also has other features that you’ll appreciate. For example, it can be useful for those who enjoy social media and want to avoid censorship. This means that you can access content from websites you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

iTop VPN is a newcomer to the virtual private network (VPN) market. The company offers a free plan with 700MB of data per day. It also offers paid plans with 100 locations and more than 1,800 streaming servers. The paid plan features dynamic IP addresses and unlimited bandwidth.

Doesn’t collect non-personal data

iTop VPN is a solid choice if you want a VPN that won’t collect non-personal data. This service will keep your IP address confidential and keep your browsing history private. Moreover, it comes with a kill switch which will instantly cut your internet connection if the VPN becomes unavailable. This prevents accidental leaks of your browsing history or IP address. Also, iTop offers a 30-day money back guarantee, and you can pause your subscription at any time without incurring any additional charges.

Doesn’t work in China

One of the biggest problems that people in China face when using VPN services is not being able to connect. The problem is not specific to the iTop VPN alone, but is widespread. The Ministry of Information has been very harsh in its crackdown on VPN users. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent these restrictions.

One of the best iTop VPN solutions to the problem is a VPN that is located in a country that respects privacy. Hong Kong is an exception, since it is subject to laws in California and Hong Kong. Hong Kong has partial autonomy, which means that the laws are much more lenient when it comes to VPN use.


iTop VPN offers a free trial, but you may also want to sign up for a premium account. This is a good option for people who do not want their personal data collected by the government. It is located in Hong Kong, which has a bit of autonomy. In addition to this, it doesn’t log user data.

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