How to Control Your Dreams?

Dreams are simply the recreation of the information process while the body is resting and the conscious is passive. During dreams, the subconscious takes the lead and uses its unique ways of processing and analyzing the information. This is why sometimes we see very strange images as dreaming. We begin dreaming during the REM period phase of the sleep when the conscious shuts itself down. Of course, there are cases where the conscious does not completely shut down and let us be aware that we are in a dream. This situation is called lucid dreaming. During lucid dreams, we might control our dreams and shape them into whatever we would like to. If you are thinking of ways how to control your dreams or how to experience lucid dreams, there are ways to enhance your chances!

Keep a Dream Journal

Writing down your dreams is one of the most beneficial techniques to control your dreams. It helps you to remember dreams, which is called dream recall. Dream recall enhances your chances of experiencing lucid dreams and controlling what happens in your dreams greatly. Many scientists agree that to control your dreams, a good dream recall is essential. Therefore, when you wake up in the morning or the middle of the night, try to put together what you have seen in your dream without changing your position or getting up, then, immediately write it down. You will see positive results soon! The key is being as detailed as possible while you are writing down your dreams. Write down the colors, objects, feelings, temperature, smells, and more!  By being more detail-oriented about your dreams, you will improve your chances to control your dreams even more!

Use the Reality Testing Method

The reality check is a very important method for lucid dreaming. During your day, try to ask yourself a few times whether or not you are dreaming. You can also touch certain objects to understand if they are real. During lucid dreams, our reflections in mirrors or glass are usually distorted. So, you could also check your reflection in the mirror to do a reality check.

Try WBTB (Wake and Go Back to Bed) Method

To control your dreams, you need to be conscious during your dreams. To be conscious during your dreams, you might consider the WBTB method. The technique is simply the following: set an alarm for after four or five hours of sleep, wake up, stay up for a while, then go back to sleep.  By practicing this, you will immediately enter REM sleep without shutting down your consciousness, which will increase the chances of you having lucid dreams.

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Practice MILD Technique

The MILD technique is about setting an intention. You might try waking up after 4 or 5 hours of sleep and keep telling yourself you will remember your dream the next time you dream and, strange as it is, you will! By remembering your dreams, you will have a greater ability to control them.

Set an Alarm for Half an Hour Earlier

When you wake up a little before your natural waking time, you will interrupt a dream. When you interrupt a dream, you will have a higher chance of remembering them in more detail. If you sleep again after practicing this, you will have a greater chance to have a lucid dream!

Boost Your Melatonin Levels

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep cycles. Higher melatonin levels will affect both the quality of our dreams and increase the probability of having a lucid dream. To increase your melatonin levels, you could try sleeping in complete darkness, waking up at the same time every morning, or eating foods that increase melatonin production in your body, such as flax seeds or almonds.

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