How to choose the colors for promotional Custom Plush Toys

You might know that colors are one of the most vital elements for grabbing our attention and affecting our emotions. Colors affect our minds, feelings, and bodily functions with their energy; it also affects our brain’s ability to learn, be productive, and be creative. If you present plush toys, you might have noticed that people react differently to various colors. Have you ever wondered why it happens? If you want to create plush toys as gifts, giveaways, fundraisers, donations, etc., it would be beneficial to go through the blog to choose the best colors for your plushies. 

People are attracted to bright colors like red, yellow, green, purple, orange, etc., from an early age; it is color psychology that helps us distinguish and categorize different objects. Our eyes are not entirely developed as children, so we perceive these bright colors more efficiently than subtle shades. That’s why vibrant colors stand out in our field of vision and are ideal for creating stuffed toys. 

How do colors in custom plush toys influence people? 

Color meaning and psychology strongly impact people’s decision-making and behavior. They make subconscious judgments about a product, environment, business, etc., within a few milliseconds by looking at the color, and it plays a significant part in making an initial impression. By choosing colors for custom plush toys, logos, etc., you can influence consumers to create meaningful relationships and select your product/ service over your competition. When you use stuffed toys as gifts for employees or beloved ones, you can form deeper connections with the right color. 

Red: It is a high-energy color that creates a sense of excitement and urgency. Red is associated with passion and movement by stimulating the body. It gets people to act and encourages appetite; if you are in the food business, creating your mascot, a plush toy, will provide benefits. It is also beneficial for sports teams. 

Green: It is associated with tranquility, vitality, and nature; it helps relax customers, promotes awareness about environmental issues, and fundraisers. The color helps increase decisiveness, so you can create custom plush toys for employees to improve productivity. They are perfect for hugging after a stressful day. 

Purple: It is the color associated with wisdom, respect, and royalty while stimulating problem-solving and creativity. The color helps promote health and beauty with variations like lilac, violet, or fuchsia. You can use these colors to create custom plush toys for sick people or health fundraisers. 

Blue: It is the most preferred color of men and is associated with peace, tranquility, and reliability. The shade offers a sense of security and productivity, making it suitable for employee gifts. If you want to establish your brand as conservative and trustworthy, it is the color of your stuffed toys.  

Orange and yellow: Both these colors promote optimism and cheerfulness. However, it would help if you were careful with using them for plush toys because yellow can make babies cry while orange triggers a sense of caution. 

Black: Technically, black is the absence of colors associated with authority, stability, and confidence. However, it can become overwhelming if used too much on toys, and it would be better to use it in combination with other colors. 

Gray: It symbolizes a feeling of practicality and solidarity; however, too much use on plush toys can also bring in a sense of depression and nothingness. It can be uninspiring, so you need to use it with bright, cheerful colors. 

White: It is a color associated with purity, safety, and cleanliness while sparking a sense of creativity. While it might not be the best color for plush toys, white can be used for a minimalistic brand approach. 

How to use colors for custom plush toys? 

  • Business image and target audience: What kind of business image do you want to create? Who are your target customers? Think about these two questions carefully. If you are into food, travel, nonprofit, etc., use reds, yellows, and greens. If you run a professional firm, you need to use more subdued colors and shades like grays, blue, etc. Women like blue, green, and purple, while men like blue, green, and black. 
  • Emotions: Your color choice will depend on the type of emotions you want to elicit. It would help if you were consistent with using colors for every plush toy. 
  • Pick two primary colors: When picking colors for promotional stuffed toys, you need to choose two primary colors, excluding dark gray or black; you can use those for texts. Using too many colors will confuse receivers, and it also looks weird. 


The highest-impression-creating colors are bright primary and secondary, i.e., red, green, yellow, and orange. Green is best for outdoor and environmental organizations, while black, white, and brown need to be used sparingly. You need to experiment with various colors, and if you are not sure, you need to contact an expert manufacturer. EverLighten helps customers choose the best colors, designs, materials, and sizes for custom plush toys to be consistent and make the most impression. They have helped businesses, nonprofits, sports teams, celebrities, and individuals get their dream custom plush toys in twenty-three countries in eighteen years. 

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