How did AI revolutionise the online gaming industry?

Whilst artificial intelligence has made, and, continues to make, a significant impact on many sectors of the economy, arguably it has helped transform the online gaming industry. It has not only helped make games both more realistic and immersive, but it has also enabled operators to offer a more diverse and innovative range of products to customers (something that the online betting industry is always striving to do as well Bet365 Bangladesh.

And, whilst not so obvious, it has also enabled those within the industry to give their customers a better level of online service and enhanced their security.

Arguably this is just the beginning. As people begin to gain a greater appreciation of the possibilities opened up by AI, there may yet be far more radical developments in the years ahead.

Here are just some examples of how it is being used.

Enhanced gaming experience

Through the use of AI online games have become more creative, vibrant and gaming.  Players feel that they are actually inhabiting an online environment with a range of increasingly realistic sound, audio, and even nasal effects.

Faster game updates

AI provides game operators with real time feedback on player behaviour, letting them know preferences and the most popular features. That not only saves time when it comes to game updates, enabling developers to focus their efforts, but AI is then used to make games faster, better and more entertaining.

Saves labour costs

Operating online games is not easy and it can be labour intensive requiring technical support staff and developers. Teams of highly paid experts also analyse how  a game functions in a live setting. AI effectively can perform all these functions at a fraction of the cost.

Online gaming companies offering bets on sporting events, for example, traditionally used highly trained actuaries and complex algorithmic models, to determine the odds. AI can drastically reduce the time and effort involved in this process.

And since labour costs are usually the biggest item in a firm’s P&L, it can improve operator profitability as well.

Creates a fairer gaming environment

AI is used to analyse past date and identify patterns in how certain games are played, highlighting areas where the odds may be stacked too much in favour of the house (players need to feel that games are fair, even if the reality may not accord with that).

It can also monitor, in real-time, gameplay, and detect any irregularities.

This will also aid with the detection of cheating and other types of online fraud.

Helps meet legal requirements

With AI, operators are better able to detect if players are of legal age, and meet other eligibility requirements. It can also help with the identification of problem gamblers, and those who may be struggling with an addiction. Given that this is the source of adverse publicity for gaming companies, having robust systems in place to address this issue helps with public perceptions.

Customer service

AI is also helping to improve service, with smarter chatbots, and more information at the disposal of customer service agents. This will help companies provide both a more personalised and more comprehensive service to their clients.

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