Graceful-Yet-Subtle Lighting Fixtures For Your Dining Rooms

It is rightly said that dining rooms are the hearts of our homes. The dining room is one place that brings the family together and it is essential that you do your part to make those moments count by giving your dining room that special touch. Most dining rooms in Indian households are extremely neglected when it comes to lighting or decor but it is important to make sure that your dining room doesn’t lose its essence.

Lighting designs not just determine the functionality of your dining room but also set the ambience of the place and personify it. You don’t have to sweat it out to figure out the perfect lighting fixtures for your dining room, whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking forward to a much-needed makeover, we have you covered. Now, we show you the best options from The White Teak Company that will help you redefine your dining space.

Chandeliers: Grandeur beyond everything

A chandelier symbolizes opulence, luxury and elegance and this resplendent piece of decor could perfectly personify your dining room like no other. A dining table definitely becomes the centrepiece of the space but it’s the chandelier that will steal the spotlight. A crown to your dining room, the chandelier can help set the character of the dining room or accentuate the energy of the existing decor and furnishing of the space.

The home decor domain has been taken over by the contemporary wave and it has been butting out some very outdated trends too. People now look forward to having that contemporary edge in their homes and rather than the decor outshining everything else, they want something simple and minimalistic to blend in their living spaces. Now, take a look at our picks for your modern homes…

1. Memory Lane: This chandelier is an exemplary piece to complement all the special moments you have in your dining room. Perfect for every occasion, this minimalistic chandelier boasts its glamour with a set of rectangular frames in a matte gold finish.

Depending on the mood and the occasion, you can also adjust the brightness of this chandelier with remote control.

2. Bolt: One of our best-selling abstract chandeliers, Bolt is a funky piece that offers a distinct vibe to your dining room. Contemporary yet retro, this piece comes with an LED encased in a metal frame and offers perfect illumination. This chandelier is offered with a dimmable LED too.

3. Midsummers Night Gold: This piece might be the one for you if you have a taste for vintage decor. The medieval-themed chandelier offers the perfect illumination for your dining space and is easy on the eyes too. Not too grand, not too subtle, this chandelier becomes a must-buy if you like your decor just sober enough.

4. Starry Skies Chandelier: This swanky piece is for the people who want to go all out for the dining room’s ambience. The splendour and the grace that this chandelier lends to your dining space is unmatchable. As traditional and as conventional as a chandelier gets, this will definitely become the centre of attraction in your house.

Pendant lights: Compact and convenient

Some people prefer skipping out on chandeliers for their dining rooms due to numerous reasons but it’s mostly the lack of space or the existing decor that makes them avoid such inclusion. But that’s where a much more convenient solution comes in. Pendant lights are a compact alternative to a chandelier and apart from being far more functional than the latter, under no circumstances do they offer a diminished style statement.

Pendant lights are sufficient enough to illuminate any dining space, no matter if the dining table seats 4 or 8. Depending on the space and ceiling height, you can either go for a singular unit or pair or a figure more than that to maintain the symmetrical look in the space. Take a look at our picks from The White Teak collection…

1. Bonus Points: This conventional piece tops our list and becomes a must-buy because pastel colours can easily blend in with any and every furnishing and decor. With its practically symmetrical design, it becomes an ideal addition to your dining space and can be a perfect lighting fixture for any occasion.

2. Open Sesame: If you love going off the beaten path when it comes to decor, then this piece should get all your attention. Set of four beautiful asymmetrical pendant lights, this lends a contemporary image to your dining space while offering a hint of a vintage look too. This piece will complement any of your primary light fixtures in the dining space and can also be used to create a balmy mood when lit up alone.

3. Status Quo: This striking pendant light makes it to the list because of its exceptional design and also its versatility. Status Quo comes with two semi-circles LED lights that you can arrange in a pattern of your choice. The minimalistic design with a twist is offered with a built-in smart LED that lets you adjust the brightness depending on your mood and the occasion.

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4. Artistic: This simplistic pendant light will be an amazing addition to your dining space. 19-inches in diameter offered in 4 colour schemes, this piece is loaded with 3 smart LED bulbs and can provide ample lighting no matter how big or small your dining space is. All the matte colour schemes add a distinctive look to your existing decor and the adjustable brightness and colour option makes this functional pendant light a must buy. is Get The Latest Fashion website. At One Place like Arts Culture, Movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here  and

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