Find out which are the best parties in New Zealand!

By studying in New Zealand, in addition to taking advantage of this period to have a university education abroad, gain work experience and gain fluency in English, you have the opportunity to travel and participate in major international events, such as the parties in New Zealand – which take place in several counties on the two main islands, the North Island and the South Island.

Yes, that’s what you read: despite being a small country in Oceania, having just over 5 million inhabitants and being known for its light and peaceful climate, there is no lack of great attractions in the land of kiwis that move and attract natives and foreigners. . For this reason, we prepared this post to talk about the main ones. Check out!

Rhythm and Vines

The first of these is Rhythm and Vines, a music festival that brings together singers and bands from psychedelic rock, hip hop and electro music and takes place annually on the last four days of December (28th to 31st) in Gisborne, North Island.

To give you an idea, the first edition was in 2003 and since then it continues to attract great artists and a growing audience. And that’s no wonder, after all, R&V (as it’s also known) gained fame for being the first event on the entire planet to see the New Year’s sunrise due to New Zealand’s time zone.

Due to its long duration, it has a different proposal from other large events of the genre: instead of just going to watch the shows and returning home (or the hotel where you are staying) after they are over, you can stay in the space 24 hours a day. of the festival. That’s because you can buy a ticket that gives access to the local campground with numerous tents and tents.

Thus, the fun is prolonged and it is almost impossible not to make friends and meet people from different parts of the world. An experience that is very worthwhile!

Beach Hop

Are you the type who understands everything about engine, power and speed? Well, know that you can’t miss Beach Hop, one of the great parties in New Zealand (and also in the world) that celebrates people’s passion for vehicles.

Although it does not have a fixed date like the other events in this post, it always takes place at the end of March and brings together thousands of people in Whangamata, on the North Island. The reason? Simple: they will check out original models of cars that were the darlings in past decades (from the 20’s to the 90’s) and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

To complete, those who participate in Beach Hop, which takes place on the city’s seafront, still delight in dozens of food trucks and enjoy retro music shows, caravans, car races and surf competitions. In other words, it’s programming for no one to defect!

Auckland Arts Festival

Another event that could not be missing from our list of parties in New Zealand is the Auckland Arts Festival which, like the previous one, takes place in March, usually between the first three weeks of the month. Held in Auckland, this is the country’s main and most important arts event – and it’s no exaggeration to say that.

So much so that it is one of the oldest in the nation, being held between 1948 and 1982. However, it took an 18-year hiatus, returning to being sponsored in the 2000s and becoming established in 2013, when it became an annual festival.

To get an idea, there are dozens of simultaneous attractions to check out, including some for free. A good example is the exhibitions that address the culture and artistic expression of the Maori people (the aboriginal natives of New Zealand).

Apart from that, there are still plays, opera and classical music shows, contemporary dance and classical cabaret performances, conferences, open visual arts galleries, shows with national and international attractions, interventions in urban areas and spaces for workshops.

New Zealand Film Festival

The New Zealand Film Festival, meanwhile, is New Zealand’s oldest and most popular film festival. Started in 1969, it takes place between July and August simultaneously in two cities: Auckland and Wellington (the country’s capital).

During an average of 15 to 20 days, more than 150 productions are presented to the public, including feature films and short films. Afterwards, the creators make a smaller circuit through 11 municipalities (Dunedin, Masteron, Nelson, Tauranga, etc.). Many of these films are international and come from other highly awarded and highly regarded festivals in the world of cinema, such as the Cannes Film Festival.

However, there are several titles of independent directors from the country itself and from other Oceanian nations, such as Australia, Micronesia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, etc. With this, you have a chance to expand your cultural background and learn more about the worldview and history of other peoples.

Pasifika Festival

Finally, there is the Pasifika Festival. This very important event has taken place in the country since 1992 – between March 23 and 24 in Auckland – and aims to honor and honor the cultures, customs and traditions of the natives of the Pacific islands, which includes not only New Zealand, but also Cook Island, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, etc.

After all, they resisted English colonization and remained firm and strong in the region’s history. Over the two days, there are several musical performances, local dances and live performances. In addition, there are handicraft workshops and typical food fairs – involving fish, seafood, vegetables and exotic sauces.

As you have seen, there is no shortage of parties in New Zealand that provide not only fun and entertainment, but also the possibility of getting to know the country’s culture more deeply, experiencing local traditions, practicing the English language, having contact with other international students in New Zealand and , of course, interact with natives. So, write down all our suggestions in your diary and get ready to take advantage of them all!

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