Common Queries Women Have About A Mammogram

A mammogram may sound like a complex term, but it is not. It is a medical test used to produce X-ray images of your breasts. These tests can help you detect breast-related diseases, such as breast cancer, and cure them before they become life-threatening. Doctors recommend every woman of 40 years or older get routine checkups in a mammography screening clinic in Boise

Despite being such an important medical exam, many women fail to understand its importance. This is primarily due to the fact that they do not know a good deal of information about it. Therefore, we have piled up a few commonly asked questions related to mammography or mammogram and brought their answers to you. 

Common queries women have about a mammogram 

  • At what age should I start regular mammograms?

If you have a risk of developing breast cancer, that is, if you have all the risk factors, it is recommended that you start getting the tests from the age of 40. According to Society For Breast Imaging, the risk of developing breast cancers starts increasing from the age of 40. Nearly one in six women between the ages of 40 and 49 develop the disease. 

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  • Is there a risk of radiation exposure?

Technological improvements in the medical field have made it possible to conduct mammograms and various other tests without or with the least amount of radiation exposure to safeguard the patient’s health. Before you go ahead with the test, it may help to check with the doctor whether they are using the latest equipment and how much radiation exposure you will be experiencing. 

  • Is a mammogram test enough for detecting breast cancer?

In most cases, yes. A Boise mammogram is an effective examination that helps detect breast cancer in most women. However, in some cases, it may fail to detect it. If you suspect breast cancer, but the mammogram cannot detect it, you could opt for alternatives such as self-examination, clinical breast examination, MRI, ultrasound, or anything else that your doctor recommends. 

  • At what age should I stop having mammograms?

Research and data may show that women over the age of 74 do not require mammograms. However, it is found that most of these data do not even include research on women of that age group. Rather, it is suggested that women get an annual mammogram screening as long as they are in good health.

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  • Are mammograms painful?

To make sure your mammogram experience is painless, book your appointment when your breasts are not tender. While some women do not feel a thing, others may feel some discomfort from the pressure of the plates on their breasts. 

We hope this set of answers was enough to solve your queries related to a mammography screening. You could visit a clinic and consult with a professional for additional information.

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