Choosing the Color of Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, you absolutely use every color of the palette. But there are problematic colors that must be played up correctly. While considering the color of kitchen cabinets, think carefully about how you see the future interior. It will be a cozy room for home, a new-fashioned room in one of the modern styles, or a conceptual version that will amaze with its originality.

A Few Advice for Choosing the Color of Kitchen Cabinets

However, when picking a palette for kitchen cabinets in Charlotte, you should remember not only design recommendations but also the advice of psychologists. Still, eating is a rather important and very personal moment, the mood and emotional background should be appropriate. It is better if the interior tunes into a calm pacified wave, and does not evoke protest thoughts and revolutionary urges.

Unsuccessful games with palettes can lead to a result when, in the end, the kitchen cabinets will be rich in colors, but the variegation will quickly begin to tire the visitors of the room. Cabinetry should attract attention with its pleasantness, and not its harshness in appearance. In this case, flashy tones do not have to be absent. The calmest shades are the color of the wood. So, brown cabinets will go well with light tiles or linoleum on the floor.

General recommendations for choosing the color of cabinets:

  • You don’t need to use all the colors you like at once.
  • Observance of moderate contrasts will allow you to zone the room or visually change its dimensions.
  • Enumeration of bright accents creates a chaotic perception.
  • The best turn of the script is to always highlight one thing. These can be facades, an apron, or a kitchen island.

It is necessary to observe the maximum balance in combining tones. So, if you have a gray floor, then brighten the cabinetry, or think of some juicy accents. But this is the case if the walls and ceiling are made in desaturated colors.

How to Choose the Color of Cabinets for a Small Kitchen

In a small room, a light palette sets the tone. This is due to its peculiarity to visually expand the space and make it more voluminous. And this is in addition to the refreshing, pacifying effect. In general, to choose cabinets for a small kitchen, it’s important to follow a few recommendations:

  • More light, even if it seems less practical.
  • The abundance of dark tones is highly overwhelming. The cabinetry will seem bulky.
  • The maximum expansive effect in the visual perception of a small room is achieved through pastel colors.
  • When you want to connect a living or dining room with a small kitchen, it is best to use a similar palette.
  • You should not use a lot of decor, massive jewelry items, large separate shelves.
  • Contrasting combinations in facades are welcome. This method helps to make the kitchen more attractive.

By choosing the right colors for your kitchen cabinetry, you will make a comfortable interior for the whole family.

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