Checklist before surgery

After thinking and deciding to have surgery The date of the surgery is getting closer and closer and I still don’t know how to prepare.

Stop getting excited and check out the list of things to do before going to surgery.

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Avoid taking medicines 2 weeks before surgery, such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, cold medicines, birth control pills, hormonal drugs, steroids, Chinese medicine, red ginseng, vitamin E, etc. Some medications, such as aspirin, have anticoagulant effects. of blood resulting in non-stop bleeding after surgery In addition, medications containing garlic, ginkgo, ma huang (ephedrine), ginseng may affect surgery. In planning the surgery, the doctor must inform the doctor about the medication that you are taking.

If you have a disease that has been treated or is currently undergoing treatment, you must inform your doctor first. in order to receive proper care

Alcohol and cigarettes can cause inflammation. 3 days before surgery should be avoided. Especially nicotine, which has the effect of shrinking capillaries. and obstructs the blood flow resulting in a longer recovery period. You should refrain from smoking 1-2 weeks before the surgery.

Avoid surgery during menstruation. Because it is during this time that the hemostasis will be difficult. or the swelling may be more severe resulting in bruises If it cannot be avoided At least, surgery should be scheduled on the day before menstruation or 3 days after menopause.

If you are sick with flu, high fever, cough and sputum, the surgery must be postponed. and consult a doctor first

Anesthesia must abstain from food 8 hours before the surgery. As for anesthesia, you must refrain from eating all kinds of food 4 hours before the surgery, including not drinking water.

The day before surgery, patients often cannot sleep because they are excited. Getting enough sleep will help you recover faster. So try to sleep.

On the day of surgery, take a shower, brush your teeth, etc., usually go to the hospital. Wear simple, comfortable clothing

No jewelry because it may be lost during surgery It may also cause burns.

You should arrive at the hospital 30 minutes before the surgery time to wait for the surgery comfortably.

If you have to recuperate at the hospital after surgery You should also bring personal belongings.

After surgery, you should not drive yourself. because it can be dangerous Should travel by other means instead.

Before facial surgery

Don’t wear make-up to the hospital. Men should shave their heads, have a hat, sunglasses, and a mask to take home after surgery. Do not wear contact lenses or glasses on the day of surgery and refrain from wearing it for another 2-3 weeks as advised by the doctor

Eyes – If double eyelid tape or glue is applied regularly, 2 weeks before surgery should be discontinued. This is because the resulting eye shape may not turn out as desired due to the dead skin cells on the eyelids.

Nose – If you have a cold, infection, purulent skin, etc., you must inform your doctor about it during the 3 weeks prior to the surgery. This is because symptoms such as rhinitis and sinusitis may become more severe during recovery after surgery. Therefore, the medication should be taken before the doctor attaches tape or bandage to the nose. should prepare a hat including a scarf and a mask

Do not rinse your nose until the thread is cut or the bandage is removed. Before surgery, dead skin cells and excess oil should be removed.

Before breast augmentation surgery

Armpit hair can cause inflammation. should therefore be eliminated before wearing large, comfortable clothing such as a shirt if breast augmentation surgery is performed. On the day of surgery, prepare one or two sizes of bras. or prepare a smaller bra If it’s a breast reduction surgery Refrain from taking birth control pills one month before the surgery as it may cause bleeding in the breast. You should not overdo it before undergoing surgery. 2-4 weeks after the surgery, you must wear a shapely bra. Therefore, you should practice wearing a shapely bra before surgery.

Before arm surgery

Before undergoing surgery, it must be kept clean to prevent infection. And remove the nail polish completely after liposuction, bruises may occur. You should prepare a long-sleeved shirt as well. and should be a disposable shirt It may stain the tissue (sap) that flows from the wound.

before body surgery

Take a shower before the surgery But do not apply creams or body lotions. If liposuction, you must prepare underwear just in case. Prepare comfortable clothing that can be contaminated with disinfectants.

Before Abdominal Liposuction

Do not lose weight drastically 2 weeks before liposuction. Prepare a slimming suit in advance. On the day of liposuction you should bring clothes that are larger than usual. Because the bandage must be worn over the wound for 2-3 days after liposuction, water may flow from the wound. An absorbent sheet should be prepared.

Before leg surgery

Remove the nail polish remover clean.

not wearing stockings

in the case of reducing calf muscles Prepare a pair of shoes that are about 5-8 cm tall.

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