Benzoyl Peroxide 10% – How Can I Tell If It’s Too Strong?

Look at the acne control product market, and you’ll see that it’s found in a range of different concentrations that go from 2.5% at the very bottom and 10% at the top. This beggars the question of how can you know which is the right one for your needs. For instance, why would you buy a benzoyl peroxide 10% product rather than a 2.5% one?

As you’ll find out by reading on, it all depends on you and your skin. What’s right for someone else is no kind of guide for what’s right for you. Unless you have exactly the same skin type as someone else you know (which is unlikely), you will need to assess your own requirements and spend your hard-earned cash accordingly. 

What Are the Symptoms of Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Being Too Strong?

In truth, it’s pretty obvious when you’re using a benzoyl peroxide product that’s too strong for your skin. That’s because you’ll experience dryness, inflammation and possibly even a little swelling. Benzoyl peroxide 10% is the highest of the over-the-counter products you can buy to fight acne, so there’s more than an average chance that it will be too strong. 

There’s a very small chance that you might be allergic to benzoyl peroxide per se, but you can check for that by doing a patch test on a small area of the skin. That way, if there’s a severe reaction, it’s only going to be in a very localized area. 

So, What Can You Do About It?

If you’ve gone ahead and used the product and experienced a skin reaction that could be described as excessive, the main option you have open to you is to stop using it. We’d only stop using it entirely if you get anaphylaxis or such a severe reaction that your skin needs to recover. However, if you just feel like it’s a touch too sore for your liking, you can go down to a lower concentration. 

You can drop to a 4% product or go all the way to the bottom and start again with a 2.5% wash. It’s up to you which one. 

Or You Can Drop The Frequency of the Application

The other option, of course, is to drop the frequency of application, which means no longer using it every day. You might choose to use it a couple of times a week or every other day to minimize the problem. The important thing, though, is not to stop entirely, as you should never give up trying. 

Find Your Level – Don’t Just Give Up Using Your Benzoyl Peroxide 10%

If you’re having trouble in terms of dryness, inflammation or general soreness after using the most concentrated BP wash on the market, it’s just a matter of changing your approach. By becoming inflamed, your skin is just telling you that it’s not happy with what you’re throwing at it. 

Rather than giving up and just accepting that you have to put up with acne for good, just tweak your approach, as it could be that you just need a weaker product or to use it less often. 

The key here is finding your level. Never give up trying to get a clear complexion, as most often, the persistence of people is rewarding with a clear complexion. It could be you – you just have to keep the faith. 

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