Benefits Of Online Whiteboard In Virtual Classrooms

Technology has kept no stone unturned to fulfil every possible requirement of the learning community. Perhaps, that is the reason behind such comfort and convenience of the students in attending online classes via ERP. One such innovative idea is the presence of the whiteboard in the platform that the educators are using for online teaching. Its enormous importance is often indescribable. Learning new concepts only from the lectures of the teachers may make you feel bored and confused. The presence of the online whiteboard works wonders. This is because the concepts are better explained by the teachers through means of drawing figures, diagrams and charts to explain the concepts in a better way to the students.

If you are a teacher and wondering about the possible advantages of using a whiteboard in virtual classrooms, this blog post is for you. Let’s see how whiteboards can make you succeed in delivering the best teaching experience to the students by their enormous benefits.

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Online Whiteboards In Online Classes

#1: Spices Up The Learning Experience

The interactive whiteboards have the feature of showcasing presentations and images that fascinate the learners in paying complete attention to the online class. The concepts get simplified when media files are used to aid the explanation process of the teachers. As a result, the students won’t make any plan to escape attending the classes.

#2: Allows The Teachers Make Multiple Modifications In A Document File While Teaching

Digital whiteboards offer a great deal of flexibility to the teachers while explaining a specific topic to the students. This is because the teachers can make changes to any document and teach accordingly. With the whiteboard, annotating online materials and documents has also been made possible. By highlighting the key areas and chief points, the students can clearly understand the sections where they need to put more emphasis on.

#3: Makes The Teaching And Learning Process A Cost-Friendly Affair

Online classes and the usage of whiteboards have helped in the reduction of transportation costs and other bulk costs of markers, chalks, and blackboards of the institutions. Since internet connection is already a common thing to have, attending the online classes by the students and teaching them by the educators have turned out to be economical.

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#4: Enables The Students With Disabilities To Learn In The Best Way Possible

The use of a whiteboard with all those figures, media files, pictures, charts, audio, and video have made it possible for the students, who are specially challenged, to attend the classes with ease and learn effectively. Students having any of these- hearing problems or visual disabilities will benefit from the classes if the topics are taught to them via the whiteboards. This is because they will be able to hear either the audio or see the visuals, and thus learn the concepts properly.

#5: Opens Up The Facility Of Visual Note-Taking Of Core Points

Thanks to the presence of the online whiteboard, the students can now easily take down the important notes and core points. Gone are the days when they had to rush to keep up with the pace of their teachers’ dictations. With the written matter already being clearly laid down on the whiteboard in front of them, the students can quickly take down the crucial facts and concepts and won’t have to run the risk of having only partial information with themselves, as it would have happened if whiteboards would not have existed.

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Final Thoughts

Digital whiteboards have a lot to offer to the students! The rich collaborative and interactive experience brought by these enhance the quality of education offered to the students. Since a majority of the ERP and LMS come with the feature of digital whiteboards, teachers no longer have to worry about scrambling to find the right way of teaching the students. These whiteboards are sure to make the learning experience for the students an amazing one. So, if you are a teacher, don’t delay using a whiteboard in your online classes. See the magic as your students start taking an active part in class proceedings.

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