An Overview of PFAS – Some Useful Pieces of Study Performed

Whatever we drink or eat has direct effects on our health and the immunity system. A healthy diet and water can make us and our kids stronger than before and vice-versa. If the water is contaminated, it will deteriorate our health and we tend to fall sick easily. In many areas in the United States, tap and well water have PFAS contamination that can have adverse health effects on human beings. That’s why experts suggest going for PFAS testing in New Jersey so that residents can save their families from getting sick.

The existence of PFAS chemicals

PFAS is also known as polyfluorinated alkyl and is a family of several man-made chemicals. It is widely used on consumer products and it came into existence in the 1950s. A number of studies were performed to notice the effects of this chemical on human beings. 

During usage and production, this chemical can mingle with soil, air, and water. Moreover, they remain in the environment because they don’t break down easily. Since these chemicals have been used widely all over the world, their traces were found in humans and animals. They are also observed in low amounts of food as well as in the environment. Due to the repeated exposure to these chemicals, they start to build up in living beings quite easily.

Evidence of health effects

The health experts and scientists figured out that it is difficult to state any immediate effect of this chemical on living beings. However, prolonged usage can give a person several health complications. They may include higher levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases, kidney cancer, and others. Various studies have also been conducted to confirm its effects on adults, children, and old people. Below mentioned are a few abstracts of the study performed:

  • Higher levels of PFAS were induced in the lab animals to notice its effects on them. The levels were higher than what is present in the environment.
  • It was found that that much amount of chemical could damage the immune system and liver in animals.
  • In those lab animals, birth defects, slow development, and birth time death were observed.To find more information about importance touch here Mywikinews

It was also stated that these effects might differ in human beings because both living beings react to these chemicals in a different manner. They used several other methods to differentiate the health risks in animals and human beings. Afterward, the testing of this chemical was recommended. 

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