An introduction to technical marketing 

Technical marketing is where you will talk about the key specifications and features of your product. In general marketing methods you let people know what your product is and how does it solve their problem.

However, in technical marketing, you will tell them how it works and relate to your audience from a technical standpoint.

While this is not a mandatory marketing approach for every product type, for certain items such as electronic goods, technical marketing is crucial.

And when people are not convinced with the general overview of a product, technical marketing is an ideal option for persuading the audience.

For example, a customer planning to buy an expensive camera or a mobile phone will be comfortable with technical information like pixels, shutter speed, exposure compensation or RAM (Random Access Memory), storage capacity, operating system, battery, etc.

Look at the products around you, especially the ones that are expensive, what brand are these products, why did you chose to buy them?

Your answer will be related to the specifications of these products. That is how important it is to use technical marketing to let the consumer know why they should choose your product over other brands.

What does a technical marketer do? 

As a technical marketer, you will not be required to work on creating the ad copies, instead you will work jointly with the engineers, who are the practitioners of a product.

To put it in simple words, you are the technical educator.

Pro tip: How to find an email address? 

As a technical marketer you need to be aware of the tools that are growing in popularity. When someone asks you about how to find an email address to build an email list, your answer should not be limited to manual search, exploring the website or social media handles.

Instead, you can suggest to them the email finder tools. is one such tool that operates on AI technology.

Why is technical marketing important? 

Instead of creating awareness about your product or service and making it look attractive among the people who do not know anything about it, technical marketing enhances the appeal of your product or service by letting people know its advanced features.

Who should use technical marketing? 

A company with an extraordinarily complex product in technical standpoint or whose target audience are technically educated people must deploy technical marketing in their overall marketing strategy.

For instance, consider a car company that wants to market their car, their target audience is likely to already have a basic understanding of the technical aspects of the car.

Still the company must create marketing materials that outline the technical specifications of the car such as the horsepower of its engine, how many miles per gallon of gas the car gets, etc.

These details can entice even those people who have little knowledge of cars.

Creating a technical marketing plan 

Before carrying out a technical marketing campaign, technical marketers must diligently work with the product developers for a deep understanding of the product or service.

Simultaneously, the technical marketing team must perform market research to learn who is most likely to be interested in your service or product and the specifications they are more likely to value.

Concluding thoughts 

As a technical marketing professional, one should possess the ability to use existing software, and learn new software fast.

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